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I urge you to watch these uh these chalkboards this one is a beginning of series of of things in russia and the corruption in our own government this is why tonight we get into uh the the russians schemes and how the fbi knew about it and has covered it up for some reason now tonight we start with a guy named vedeno mccarron and he is in his washington dc office and he is he is the head of raza tom's us uranium sales operation so he's working four putin and rosza tom the phone rings in his office and he is told the by an unidentified person that his car alarm is going off downstairs in the parking garage silva deem goes down and his car was silent but that's when a small group of strangers approach him and they say come with us he does he goes into an office that he thought was vacant but it wasn't several other strangers are inside and the walls are covered with photos and charts and maps and a web of connections just like you see in the movies these strangers were fbi agents and they had targeted him for several years and they had all of the connections to putin and all of the corruption here in the united states they knew about the corruption they knew about the connections they then used him and said you're going to prison for a very long time unless you help us complete a few pictures that's where we begin to night and this is where you begin to say wait a minute if the fbi knew this why aren't the people involved in jail why are we having this conversation winds why is everybody's saying that nothing happened here because it clearly did tonight you will see the fbi tomorrow you see it go into uh the federal government and the clintons and it is us founding the story that you're not gonna really have explained to you i don't think any place else the chalkboard series this week is on uranium one and the russian corruption with the clintons that you need to understand and that is only on the blaze dot com slash tv the 5 o'clock show you can watch it at the blaze dot com slash.

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