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I'm John batch this is the John Bassa shows that many chalet intellectual biography also include the romance of cal Coolidge a man born in eighteen seventy two who continues to struggle with speaking at great length until all of a sudden he wakes up and realizes that his brevity and his eloquence perfectly suits the times in Massachusetts in New England at the turn from the century in which there plunged into labor confrontations and wealth problems and also the war in Europe and the Wilson progressives and the teddy Roosevelt progress as it is now February of nineteen sixteen were in Boston and cal Coolidge has been elected lieutenant governor after serving for many years and Massachusetts Senate as president of the Senate is now lieutenant governor and is being celebrated on Copley plaza by a dinner of Amherst alumni I want to establish the fact that Amherst becomes his touchstone throughout his career what does he make of the Amherst alumni supporting him does he take it for granted is easy amazed by it and does he understand that this is a foundation for the presidency amity I think you surprised Coolidge did find himself at Amherst Indian through debate and to speaking into a couple of teachers one was Charles Carmen and you know it it was easy to find a few key friends almost white Morrow in the end but and the law firm where he worked his first job north Hampton those were Amherst men as well but I don't think he he knew it's sort of like you you don't know there's this big wave undo that will lift you up in that way until the water comes and suddenly you know you're up or when you're flying you don't feel the wind on your but then you realize it's lifting you up that's what Amherst was to him so whatever saw was a likely Amherst man and Amherst had pride remember this is western Massachusetts they were not Harvard they thought they were the front here Harvard dot they were the front your didn't even notice some right still do this is this is in Massachusetts a great rivalry where where the east want you most of the time and they said this one might do he seems to be doing well in politics he had a great ability to to win the support of new immigrants and at that time is now the Republican Party doubted its future didn't know because the country was changing there were new immigrants they were voting and well they weren't always voting Republican and maybe the Republican Party was a stodgy old party and was about to die and attending this dinner I note the you very useful Amherst alumni include Charles Whitman the governor of New York and he was a class of eighteen ninety which Coolidge's venture class of eighteen ninety five Coolidge at this point is not only being entertained as the next governor of Massachusetts for those days had an election every year because they didn't trust them so they wanted them to come back next fall to make sure they were spending the money right in doing what we wanted they not only think of ms governor but there's some names all right stars for example suggesting that he could be the vice president nominee who is Stearns and what does Mr lodge think of their ambition for the vice president of Mr why didn't know a lot of colleges but not this one this was a swamp cooler trick some western or room on your lap Henry Cabot lodge was V. dean right there basically the head of the Senate the great senator great opponent on Wilson we've heard about and this little guy from western Massachusetts at the Bostonians like large didn't pay much attention to the new Coolidge's at Harvard much more import quotas they were full lotion snobs so the embers men were therefore proud and tossed and fight back in stern's was another Amherst man who happened to be in a family that owned a great department starring cisterns which center which is the centerpiece of commerce in Boston at this time that's right so he took up Coolidge and and you know sometimes when you see people you know he fell under Coolidge's spell which is a spell of brevity and collision usually did what he said to me under promise systematically and delivered slightly more and that had a charm you know you want a piece of legislation you go see many might say I might do it and then he would do it who is this turns is where we're kind of in love with collision that does happen with politicians and generally you know is this one Republican who managed to get the ethnic vote and that is how could you won the Senate role right he could get the new vote was like oh my god the future of the party is saved if only you know it through this person so it's sort of like Rubio knower cruiser is the Republicans are are hoping for the salvation of their party and they worshipped the people who give them that possibility so Coolidge had that glow about him all the sudden because because he was calling because he very much about the small people and visited them and stood on their level and listen to them he did to get the vote of newcomers and that's very very exciting the fall of nineteen sixteen I the he's reelected Ural reelected every year McCall is the governor at this time he's a Republican as well the war in Europe suddenly collapse suddenly crashes on to America when Wilson and responding to a German submarine warfare and provocations moves to declare war in April of nineteen seventeen and the preparedness theme that it dominated Republican politics these last years suddenly becomes the Yankee division how did Wilson do with the war did he think that the war in Europe was needed necessary for the US to go about it will you mean cooler to I think the Republican position was were darned if we're going to bridge will be the loyal opposition were darned if we're going to portray Wilson in the way that the copper you know the copperheads bit trade Lincoln bite by not being sufficiently loyal in the conflict he thought much of Lincoln collision this period and I'm going to support he said to himself the president on this and this was it a big division not everyone wanted a war in Europe which we participated with the war in Europe was horrible we knew what was happening to to the to the British to the English boys at the front and it was kind of it as now a like Iraq for a division point for people at like the Vietnam War a generational tension didn't people did not get over they stopped speaking to one another over in this issue include was definitely on the side of support and he was eager to show an early that states would support that federalism not just Washington will do this let's on the money but let's do it now from our level from from the state level two is that's interesting too if you know that we're going to war than at least let us do it from the state each state send its division or its group rather than be overwhelmed by Washington and hence the Yankee division the book is Coolidge amity slices the author she is the author of the previous the forgotten man this is a this is before the forgotten man were preparing for the bad days and when we come back Coolidge and the Boston police strike of nineteen nineteen I'm John Batchelor this is the John basso show.

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