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Yeah absolutely made for me Toby concur with all of that. The with a tiny place Forgive me for trout constantly But when boxing who says Accuracy beat speed every time. Just be accurate newbie. Speed quick are lennon's a good example is really quickly when accurate was a man. That's why you can. Italy produced defenders like nesta and affords Kazakh is just insane. For me it's league. Fantastic the other team. The i think the the kind of undidahk undone you pay them at so not underdogs dot kasese another. You pick them. Side is the danish team the absolutely eviscerated wiles. An will this place in that. Sorry that you get really excited about and this was one way. Traffic from about the sixteenth mini own woods. Something wasn't it yeah. It was clear that it was going to be not thousand. Sixteen miracle For head denmark just looked absolutely fantastic hospital and a couple of goals. Macau damsgaard is really grown into this tournament. Looks like a sensational player. That everyone's going to remember is breaking out of this tournament. He's really article From mark when we did the preview for saying that. I think they've got a good squad and yet it will joe talking about dynamism with delaney and hoiberg for water functional midfield. They are delaney's an underrated player. Think and hoiberg is able to probably do more than he's been allowed to do for spurs press prize again for not being an iranian team. Plays look a little bit better and lasts past. I wanted to touch on lastly quick child's braithwaite because he's proving that he is just. He's he's not this middlesbrough player that somehow fluke to move to barcelona. He's he's he's a good player and he's having a really good tournament. Nice go but andreas christianson. I thought the the balls really on home and to to move chris and into midfield about the fifteen minute mark just completely changed this game and wells didn't know what to do and christians and looked fantastic talk about mcguire being this liberal christians and can really start attacks as well. I think he's going to be a crucial plan for that. Moving forward is to amphibious for chelsea moving forward. He just looks like the real deal. Yeah up just say bory refunding out on the web game is a website. Dem had some really great and possession implying fest minutes But that f- the stunned out for me. Was that the disciplined than when joe road on got that book things really start full and actually felt without bales posted. Everyone talked about by walking off for that question about its future. I thought this our point of the interview was his his opinion on the referee. Way late into the Just wow we've seen completely different games because ours website. That lost dead shape. They lost their disciplined. They lost psychological battle and denmark. Punish them brutally for a water story for denmark Demby everyone second team in this tournament. Chalet light this is this is this is such a woman's story and an and it's another thing said to christina accent and on behalf of yoga benito Mistakes while healthy and happy. Yeah great stuff done and then from the sublime to the ridiculous is that anything will fascinating than a dutch meltdown. A fill out could be cocktail. Something like you know. It's just when when it happens with you. Know i remember. Read i remember. One of my favorite games will ever..

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