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Through Dell Financial. Services call, 877 asked Dell that's 877 asked Dell and speak. Another four billion federal dollars will soon be coming to primary and secondary schools and students in Texas. The pandemic relief funds come from the American Rescue Plan Act, Texas receive two thirds of the more than $12 billion earmarked for public schools. But the rest was held up until state officials told the federal government they plan to use the money. A new state law allowing Texans to carry guns without a permit could result in the dismissal of outstanding weapons cases. Governor Greg Abbott signed the constitutional carry bill, which takes effect September 1st. Dallas County, D a. John Cruz. Oh says it may allow some people arrested for unlawfully carrying a weapon to have those charges dropped. Ohio is the latest state and law enforcement to the Texas Mexico border as part of a plan to slow a surge in illegal immigration. Ohio Highway Patrol troopers will help with border surveillance. They arrive in Texas this week and will stay for two weeks. I'm Carrie Laki, We've earned our stripes one loans star at a time. Make sure our voices are heard. Real Texas real talk radio 11 90. It's that time time time. Lock and load. Michael very show is on the air. Abraham Lincoln famously said the philosophy of the school room in one generation Will be the philosophy of the government. In the next America's chickens.

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