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Chuck henry caroline johnson fritz coleman weather and fred rogin sports on seven ninety day bbs developing right now the new york times shush reported that last june president trump ordered robert miller his to be fired the special counsel of course is overseeing the russian investigation the times of reporting that the president then back down after the white house counsel threatened to resign rather than fire the special counsel rapper flavor flavor on the receiving end of an attack at a las vegas casino 100 and seeing this video of the incident at the south point casino casino flavor flavor told police the suspect you gandhi howard accused him of disrespecting his mother and then started swing king howard was arrested soon thereafter the rapper wasn't seriously hurt he says just a pulled groin muscle we have some new video of the mudslides in modest cedo and this time is from the dash cam but it's mounted in a highway patrol suv now here's what happened the officer tries to drive into the mud which is flowing very swiftly right added they were responding to a call about a fire but they got swept downstream as you can see the video clearly showing the power of this mudslide the chp vehicle eventually got turned around enough that he did some dry ground and the officers were able to drive away meantime some people in modest cedo are being allowed back into their homes or at least what's left of them some evacuation orders were lifted at noon again today there have been a couple lifted the past week people who live in these areas can out go up they can clean up or assessed the damage that was left behind this is a stick up the gas station money grab and the one final item taken by robbers before they left the wiper actually told me about net neutrality stupidly true fastfood showdown our burger king use burgers to deliver a lesson in net neutrality to unsuspecting customers tonight we'll tell you about an alert for travellers why so many people choose the most cheap basic.

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