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You. We've had the liberal Ango. So let's have the Man United won. So welcome back superfan. Ed Baca from the United rent podcast, Ed buck, a how are you, sir? I'm doing very well. Yes. Hi, Ed, Aleksei firstly. We're going to ask you about the new bus you happy with that fella. Yeah. I mean, it's the greatest job interview that anyone's ever done is manager. Isn't it fifteen wins twenty games? He couldn't have gone any other way than to give all the job. These think of a man about him choses girl in the Champions League. Final in nineteen ninety nine is part of the club. Folklore one of the greatest comebacks in football offered credible win in the previous round. Maybe only names on the shitty thing that may be stretching low bit. There is a talismanic status about him. Of course, with the supporters eight didn't take any time told him to jail with them and for people to find it very popular new song gonna Streff it ends, of course with. The places more difficult because of these players were still in jolts when United one thousand nine so I don't think that means anything to any of the scored. So he had to win them around by sonny's coaching by some the results he'd go. Based on the the feeling he created in the scored in that was really important. And of course, some of that was based on the status and the feedback. He got off the fans, but also some of it was but just based on these coaching in the good decisions. He made in his ability to turn round, what was a pretty depressed in fragmented group and unite them under one vision, you go busload, what are your thoughts? Do you think it's gonna be a tough game? Easy, Abby like way Bolton on it. Coasts is going to be tough game. I mean. The school. What do you think I'm gonna I'm gonna guy for one all draw something like that? I mean, I I hate making predictions. I think is my podcast co hosts during custody support. Now, I I predict United win every single game and have done that for the best ball ten years. If he. Glenn when United. I wait inside. Yeah. Maybe scoring door. Nothing. Not be. I k- again is by some the way United's like to play. So I don't mention the passing of how United will play all. In fact, depend on how Basel play will change that much over the games. Bossa will have a lot of possession. Not expect them to have sixty five percent possession. Something like that at all Trafford United trying exploited. Anyway, misses at the back, and of course, Guinness ri- lights place forward. You've got messy us forty goes. Again across competitions Suarez as you in and out the season. But is scoring tons of other great attacking talent is gonna test the high quality backroll that will be able to put out including Phil Jones, mowing something that is gonna test them severely, isn't it? These are the games that we want is a missed a lot of elastic is. But would you prefer the second leg to be at traffic? But at any matters doesn't no matter. No, I don't. I think not in sort of the white Champions League is evolved. The last five years where everyone is more apt to caution to the wind preps safer athletic Madrid. Who asks of course, the trend has been towards pushing more plays forward looking to attack scoring goals in the the number goes per game is being getting up not hugely steeply, but it has been going up. And then I just look at United's tendency to be stronger playing on the break, then when having to press forward, and I think the the game sort of sushi ninety whether it's high or away invite we struggled more home than away. Dahlie, this those the great memories for unites in this competition. Right. If you had to try and pick one of your favorites when you was memorable which one would be yes. So ninety nine obviously, the favorite. Yeah. It's the one that brings a gay sponge out the room gets abate dusty. When I put on me, the old one you then I was in college. So I was twenty. That that's the time period. I was travelling home in White's law game. I wasn't at that game. Big regret. I've been hundreds. But not that one. I was doing exams at university couldn't make it. But so yeah, it's still the high lies. I remember remember, I think almost every minute of that run that I promise we do re recording life minute by minute Koeman tree for our podcast listeners as some point we'll do that. And I'll have to watch all I game. It's still the emotional. One night was great, obviously. And for some offense at all of a sudden H L, we the favorite is is not my favorite amuse of fantastic memory, of course. And then there are others against got some great memories that two-three old roles in one thousand nine season fantastic. I still remember when I was eight or something like that. I'm a robot in spied victory out. Traffic three nail at the timing the mid eighties early eighties. Love the tense games against boss in the semi final of the two thousand eight Tolman nil nil at new camp, one niller Old Trafford I didn't quite enjoy those finals ninety nine two thousand eleven gotta say I mean, it was a magical moment when when you're knee equalised in tears eleven final magical for a few minutes before Owen wrong again. So yet gray memories gins bossa great memories in this tournament, a case, let say you beat balsa a then you live liberal the semis. And then possibly city in the final easy as easy as he already beaten you in passing so Bosso that they'll be they conceded moguls us in the league this season side that clearly they get the Bologne. Well, if you've been a mall, so you might really fencing shelters off. Yeah. I mean, like the realist oversleep tells me that the chances of beating basa a huge. I am looked the betting markets. But I'm going to say probably outs on five to win. They sort of got such a depth of talent right through the team of casing in legal seasons of other got a tough game against Athletico just before the playoffs, which is a big one for them. But are the magin that there will be at the rescue place if they need to they can take that foot off gassing a lot of games as happens in Lalita that won't be the case United buzzer favorites for schol, Sarah, Parsons demanding. So you've before that so we can hope but we can enjoy it. And I think is in many ways a free hit the United. No one expected. United to be in this position note with the squad in the way, it was managed by jobs. I know unexpected United to the within shouting distance of the Champions League ethos. I it's the feeling good and positive. Now in a way that it wasn't from the season at thank you so much. I love having the podcasts every appreciate it. My pleasure anytime.

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