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So starting today, kids in Volusia County officially required to wear masks again. That new Max mandate was approved last week after another emergency meeting. We're also learning students in some central Florida school districts will need a doctor's note or parents won't be able to opt out. There are questions now about how some of those notes are obtained. One parent in a Facebook group says she could get a doctor's note from an office at a veto by paying $75. Doctors against the practice say it's not only on ethical, but it puts high risk kids and adults in more danger. The Orange County School district says it will reject any noted considers fake. They've all wdbo one of 73 FM and am 5 80. This is Wdbo where Orlando turns first for breaking news, weather and traffic. I'm brain computer right now. We have 78 degrees in fair 60% chance of rain happening later today. Just a reminder. Get on the wdbo payroll payout today have another chance to win $1000 at 10 o'clock. Just listen for the payroll payout keyword and you could get paid just for listening to Wdbo. We're learning more about the suspect who killed a central Florida family, Paul County Sheriff says the gunman 33 year old Brian Riley, is accused of killing all four people, including a three month old infant. He's evil in the flesh. He was a rabbit animal. An 11 year old girl was wounded but is in a Tampa hospital recovering. While authorities have yet to find a motive or linked to the victims, Riley did admit he was high on drugs during his arrest. He also told the sheriff's office that God told him to Go to the Lakeland home. Madison Roberts, Wdbo one. Oh 73 FM and am 5 80 continuing team coverage. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd joining us on this Orlando's Morning news earlier this morning, he gave us an update on the 11 year old girl who was shot seven times. She's already been through several surgery. She'll continue to be in the hospital shoes in critical condition. But I'm told from her grandmother that her spirits are good and that which which is a wonderful thing, and the fact that she's alive. Sheriff Judd also says there is In Orlando connection. Riley worked security at a church here, although he didn't say exactly where we're following some breaking news out of East Orange County. Two teens were struck while they were crossing Golden Rod Road right in front of Valencia Ecology stuff, HP says both were taken to the hospital in stable condition. The crash remains under investigation will update you as we get new information in It's 903 a wdbo 173 FM and am 5 80. If you are still suffering with chronic knee pain, Phoenix Integrated Medical Center is the place to go. In fact, many other listeners have gone to their beautiful winter park facility or called for a free consultation..

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