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And 55 powered by maximus, moving people and innovation forward. But again, we check in with rob this morning. The nationals and Orioles both enjoyed a night off before their battle of the beltways at nads park, where manager Dave Martinez feels like his team is trending in the right direction. We've been playing with a lot of energy, regardless of what the score dictates at the end of the game. These guys, they don't quit, they're playing hard. We got a limit on walks. The walks are really killing us. We got to understand we got to throw strikes in key battle. I mean, I'm seeing some really positive things. Josiah gray takes the 7 O 5 first pitch opposite dean Kramer, the NBA announced grizzlies big man jaren Jackson junior is the defensive player of the year. He's the fourth 23 year old to win the award second only to Dwight Howard by a few months in terms of the youngest to win it. His father jaren Jackson senior played his college ball at Georgetown spent one of his 12 NBA seasons here in Washington on the court to the 76ers beat the nets to take a two O series lead to Brooklyn and in the NHL, Boston and Carolina were game one winners. The Philadelphia Eagles have agreed to terms with quarterback Jalen hurts on a historic contract extension that features an NFL record annual average value of 51 million and comes with the third most guaranteed money at 179.3 million here in Washington, Jeremy Reeves signed his $2.6 million restricted free agent tender for the upcoming season. Rob wood fork WTO sports. His WTO news. WTO PFM Washington WWW and assets wt LP FM Braddock heights Fred. You're with WTO fee, and dean lane

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