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Eight six zero zero four six you could also hit us up on Twitter. I am at gingerly tweets wheels. Is that wheels thirteen hundred and the station can be found both on Facebook and Twitter at Xtra sports thirteen hundred coming up on today's show. Of course, we'll be all over the Broncos coaching search Chuck Pagano interviewed yesterday. We'll give you the scuttle. But as far as how that went Zack Taylor. The Rams quarterback coaches interviewing today. So we'll tell you a little bit more about Zack Taylor, and whether he's actually a legitimate candidate for the head coaching gig with the Denver Broncos. Reuben foster has had hit the charges against him dropped why that doesn't vindicate the Redskins for what they did. And Nick Sabin. Never tex. Never texts. So stay tuned for that. By the way, the Broncos are currently in the air on their way to California. They're going to him Ellie's cliff cliff says. Classes sitting next to him. I'm probably probably because he said taking off now and that was like ten minutes ago or is standing at the window waving by this. You. So yeah, we'll get into that in a little bit. I wanted to talk a little bit about the app says the losses keep mounting for them. And that's what I was going to start the show with and then the first returns for the NBA all star voting came out. And I said now this is where I want to start. So Nicola Yokich is seven in the Western Conference front court voting. It is LeBron Luca Danni. Kevin durant? Anthony davis. Paul George, Stephen Adams, Nicole Yokich, see all this time. I thought Nicole Yokich was like the backup kicker for the Broncos and see and I'm gonna get into it here. Yeah. You're not far off. He's barely edging out. Cal coups Ma and Derrick rose. Yes. Derrick rose has gotten nearly half a million more votes. And DeMarcus cousins who has yet to step on an NBA floor. This season is within one hundred thousand votes of Nicole Yokich. And of course, I could sit here like we do many a time when it comes to hall of fame snobs and all star snobs, and I could see here and tell you about how Nicole Yokich has more assists than every front court player in the Western Conference and more cysts than all, but two of the leading vote getters on the guard side or that he has more rebounds than all. But two of the guys he's getting outvoted by or as more blocks steals, assists, rebounds, shoots a higher percentage than Luca Danni who showed up in the NBA like five seconds ago. And of course, I could tell you that the nuggets are currently leading the NBA's Western Conference above LeBron above the warriors above the thunder. Above everybody in the Western Conference. And that Nicole Yokich is the big reason why. But it's NBA all star voting Yokich is a Denver nugget it. This is not surprising like when I first side. I said. Why can't tell you what I said because we're on terrestrial radio. This is a joke. That's that's what I was something to that effect. Well, it's fitting because because he's nicknamed the joke. No, it's fitting, it is is quite fitting. But you know, what the after I thought after my initial like. Dang it. Reality set in. And I'm like, I'm not I'm not surprised Nicole Yokich is not on Twitter. He's not rumored to be going to New York or LA. He doesn't play for one of the three teams that ESPN TNT decide to show on a weekly basis. So the average, and I mean like average in every sense of the word NBA fan doesn't know who Nicole Yokich is still and here and here in Denver and surrounding community. That seems ridiculous right? This is going on three years now of Nicole Yokich is a really special player. But it takes more than that to reach the average MBA fan. Who are the people that watch whatever team LeBron and the warriors and the Celtics. And then you factor in locally because that's the other part. He's being outvoted by two Oklahoma City thunder players, I do see Oklahoma City on ESPN TNT more than the nuggets. But they're not on it all the time. They're not on it as much as the warriors and Lakers, and rockets and everything like that. So. What is the explanation for why to Oklahoma City thunder players three if you include Westbrook? But he's on the guard side are getting more votes than Nicole Yokich. Well. It's January was third. Thank you wheels. It's January third. Bronco's country doesn't emerge from its cocoon till February and even then they go right back in about a month before the draft. So you look at Oklahoma City. And in Oklahoma City. All they have is the thunder and dirt dirt and the Oklahoma City thunder that that's all Oklahoma City has they have nothing better to do than the vote for Stephen Adams and to also make promoting horse tripping or bear wrestling events. Illegal. And that is a real thing. You can Google it fewer in Oklahoma. You may not promote a horse tripping event. It is against the law. I love the NBA. I love it. I'm basketball guy. I love watching the NBA, and it's not just the nuggets it's everybody. And I've said this before I love watching LeBron go against the warriors. So I'm not chastising people who enjoy watching that would I'm saying is as much as I defy with NBA fans because I am a fan. Of the NBA in general, not just the Denver Nuggets. But NBA fans and a lot of ways. Are the people represent the people that we? Loathe. The most. Are you know, their kids not that we load kids, but they're a lot of them are kids. So there, you know, they don't have they don't go seek out their own opinions. They get it from I take or Twitter, whatever their narrow focused. So they don't spend a lot of time watching a basketball game because a lot and we talked about this when. Making the comparison of Yokich and Yoenis onto Toco Janas onto Toco plays in Milwaukee. Like, why is Janas and Janas is leading the NBA leading the Eastern Conference in votes. Should be the same right? Nicole Yokich leads in the west. And I grant that LeBron and some warriors trumpet, but if onto Takubo is leading the east Nicola yoke, it should be much higher in the west because the Milwaukee Bucks are obviously the number one team in the NBA right now in terms of record and Yoenis is getting Jaanus. The biggest reason why and he's getting a little bump from that. But why not why doesn't that translate to Nicole Yokich because and many of you are right on this. Because you have to watch a full basketball game to appreciate what Nicole Yokich does. He's not going to make. Although I do give Scott van pelt a lot of credit. I think that he does white to show Nicole Yokich highlights, but the the general sportscenter top ten is not going to include Nicoli Yokich is play because he doesn't dunk over anybody. Doesn't he's not a impactful shot blocker. He balks his fair share of shots. But he's seven foot three. He's not a throw it into the first row Jaanus. You can watch an a ten second clip right dunks on a dude. Wow. Jaanus is awesome. And I'm not downgrading Jaanus. I'm just saying the typical NBA fan can appreciate Yanni's and knows about Yoenis even though he plays a Milwaukee. Because they can see him in ten second clips, and they can with the co Yokich, and I hate that about the NBA. So. I've decided that. Most of you. I'm preaching to the choir. I understand that many of you know, Nicole Ioka is you know, how good he is. And hopefully this while you're doing whatever you're doing on add on the internet. Maybe go over to MBA dot com and click vote on Nicole yoga. Few times. And if you're going to a nugget game. That would be a great time wifi is spectacular in the Pepsi center. I hear. Punchy a punch up a few votes at halftime for Nicole Yokich. But for those who may be tuning in because you know, we're we're transplant city. Right. People are coming in coming in and out all the time. Maybe you don't know about Nicole Yokich and how great he is. So I'm going to devote not all the time. Just a little bit of time. I to a new mini segment. It's going to be devoted to how much Nicoli Yokich is a wonderful. Majestic unicorn who not only deserves to be an all star game. But deserves a start. The all star game. And I'm tentatively calling it. Let me tell you a Yokich. I work on the name. If if we don't like it. I appreciate your feedback on that. But let me tell you Yokich. And today's let me tell you Yokich I'm going to set it up like a joke because it's Yokich. Here's the setup Nicola Yokich has nineteen triple doubles since two thousand fifteen twenty sixteen. Do you know how many every other MBA center, including Stephen Adams, whose Lee leading Nicole Ioka Jim voting? Do you know how many all of the rest have in that time? Twenty two q the laugh track, and I'll get this is breaking news. So I haven't had time to put the audio in and all that kind of stuff. So we'll get the laugh track going, and we'll do this because he needs to know they will need to get the crickets going is more like it. Based on that first one. He has nineteen triple doubles since two thousand fifteen twenty sixteen in the rest of the NBA centers have twenty two k. Where's the joke? Well, it's not supposed to be Joe. Yeah. I wouldn't you know, it's it's a higher. It's a higher level of comedy. I don't expect you to get it on the first try. We'll we'll work on it. So vote for Nicole Yokich while you're at it vote for Gabriel Landis Gog because he didn't get in to the all star game yet. He's up for that. Final vote. In last man in is that what they? Philippe Forsberg's in it tapes. Gabriel Landis Gog. So like, I know that your time is valuable and you can't do a ton of stuff. I would much rather you vote for Nicole yogurts and Gabriel land Scott. Like, I like, no disrespect to Gabriel Landis Gog, and I want him to get into all star game too. But like, this is a more dire matter because we're fighting against ignorance here people were fighting against ignorance, and we need to enlighten people about Nicole Yokich, and he plays tonight, by the way. So if you have a friend that doesn't know much about Nicola Yokich. Hey, tune into extra sports thirteen hundred tonight at seven thirty or eight just don't even need the pre-game show, eight o'clock tip off nuggets and kings. And you can enlighten him there. Two eight six zero zero four six coming up next. Chuck Pagano interviewed with the Denver Broncos. What John Elway and company think of the former colts head coach we'll get into that. After we take a look at your Thursday afternoon. Commute. Here's an Xtra sports look at the streets eastbound Fillmore east chestnut. A wreck eastbound Barnes near north powers at crash academy airport. We got an accident. I twenty five to and from Denver and Pueblo into looking good nothing out of the ordinary. We'll keep you posted a jumps flyer. The road in two thousand nineteen Xtra sports thirteen hundred is your championship station here. Westwood one's coverage of Super Bowl fifty three. The NCAA basketball tournament. The Stanley Cup. Final. The frozen four the college World Series and golf's four majors all here. Please short of the green this unafraid..

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