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Yeah. During the campaign, he tweeted a picture of Hillary Clinton superimposed on a star of David over dollar bills after Julia published a profile of Milania, which the White House didn't like she was del used with antisemitic threats. Trump was asked to condemn those attacks on Yawkey from his supporters, and he said, quote, I don't have a message for them. And of course, as you pointed out, the worst example, Charlottesville people marching in Charlottesville. Chanting Jews will not replace us. And Donald Trump saying there were fine people on both sides. I want a reporter. This is very simple to ask Donald Trump asked Sarah Huckabee Sanders, ask anyone at the White House today does the president still believe. That the people in Charlottesville who were chanting Jews will not our place us. We're fine people that there were fine people among those margin. I want someone to ask them that question. Because if they really say he's not anti-semitic that he condemns kind of attacks that he condemns the kind of hate that leads to these tax than than they will answer the president. That's know what I don't believe. They were find people. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that. But he won't because he hasn't because nothing has changed since Charlottesville. The only thing that's changed is somehow like the news move so fast. Our collective memory doesn't really remember the fact that in Charlottesville, he issued these horrible horrible statements and has not apologized for them. I mean, there was an article last year where I think the independent of the UK Trump suggested that Jews might be secretly committing antisemitic hate crimes on themselves. So that he looks at I forgot about that. I mean, Adam Serwer who writes for the Atlantic wrote? I think as crystal clear a piece about how the spark for the worst antisemitic massacre in America. History was a racist hoax. That was kind of came through the weird Twitter ecosystem through Lou Dobbs. Then got on FOX and friends and then got to the president. And he decided that he was going to demagogue a caravan desperate people because he thought it was going to be an election issue that inspired this individual to do what he did. Yeah. Period. You know, I keep thinking like the Republican line is well, no one can control what their supporters do on either side. And there's there's rhetoric on both sides that's gotten out of hand. Right. But what would we be saying right now, if these perpetrators of these crimes are this hate, and this violence that we've seen over the last week or Muslim exactly what would we be doing? If there was a connection ties, wouldn't we say that that ISIS propaganda inspired some of these people who said, I'm doing this in the name of ISIS, which we've seen all the time, of course. And we'd be calling on every single Muslim on the planet to denounce this act into do better somehow into somehow fix. The problem. I mean, the these these people are these right wingers are incapable of looking within their party within themselves and seeing the harm that's being created here..

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