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Power morning's talk because it's like I know so they had a dance and make banana bread. But it's also a place for gossip and maybe lies now yesterday Hashtag, So Kanye was trending. On Twitter after an influencer posted this video. This whole divorce comes as no surprise. Connie's been hooking up with a very famous beauty guru male beauty guru belong people in the scene of known for a while now people are speculating that it's makeup guru Jeffrey Starr since he also lives in Wyoming. People are like reaching to the point where the reflection of his glasses teddy Assuming in and saying that guy right there, that's that's Carney. Now I just want to talk back. Okay? There's no divorce papers yet for Kim and Kanye, Okay, And yes, both him and Jeffery Starr live in Wyoming. But the ranches are, like, four hours away from each other. Who the hell is going to travel? Four hours to see someone? You know what I mean? Yeah, Yeah, he had a lies, lies lies. I mean, that's how it works than me. You both live east of the six or five and we work together. We're having an affair. I said it. Me and Melissa. You know Freddy lives, man. Let's continue. Spread live. Steady. Go spread those lies on Tic tac because they work there. No, I mean, we're reporting this because even being news it's gotten to the point where enough is actually bringing it up? Because Jeffrey Starr instead of debunking are saying this isn't true. He actually posted a picture, saying I'm ready for Sunday service is the cloud chasing Is he adding more fuel to the fire rolling And who the hell is Jeffery Starr Next? Over camp working out. Y'all figure it out by now. 13 days, Joe Biden will become president of the United States. Now that is going on this morning. You know, Trump got locked out of his twitter and he actually put out a statement saying even though I totally disagree with the outcome of the election, the facts bear me out. Nevertheless, there will be an orderly transition. On January 20 If Oh, okay, this is this is different tone from Trump. So you're not cow eating? He ain't never gonna concede. But he's going to say that his transition of power. Okay, deal Trump. All right, this a day after one of the ugliest scenes in American history and we're taking your calls all morning long a 185201059. What do you feel? What do you think? What.

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