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You keep your offense on the field here. Not even a decision. I think. When they do just that. Lawrence is in the pistol. He has eaten the end behind him. Two left one right past a little bit up front. Here comes a flag. Wow, that is I'll start offense number 65 5 yard penalty. Still fourth down. That's Matt backwards. I love that guy, the junior from Cincinnati said. Everybody loves the fat guys when it was talked about the Clemson offensive lineman swimsuit calendar, But he clearly Starts early here on John. Not the first time tonight. It's very unclip simply to do something like that. You're used to seeing. This makes so many big plays in big situations. This an unforced error right there now that now they have to plant on fourth of six. Spires gets away a pretty good one. But the fair catch called for by Wilson at the Ohio State 41 yard line. So 42 yard punt for will spires. And here comes Justin Fields, who has more touchdown passes than incompletions. Tonight. Five touchdowns, four incompletions through three quarters. Already ascetic career high for himself and passing yards with 340 passing yards and again. We have a whole quarter to go. Look, I said it, Sean. In my game plan. I said Look, if they want to win this game tonight have firmly believe that Justin Fields is gonna have to outduel the great Trevor Laurence and through three quarters. He has done just that. Transfer from Georgia starts. This drives just passed his own. 40 handed off the sermon, broken tackle about Southside first down across midfield and then darts out of bounds into his own bench. At the clubs in 45 Yard line. What a move by trey servant again outside zone the left. The cutback was there. He stuck that left foot in the ground and Clemson to their credit. They had a defender in perfect position. It was Joseph Charlson. Strong safety, But Trey servant absolutely absolutely shook Charleston. He had no chance. Everyone touch Trey sermon. That man has been borderline untapable. Tonight, especially on those own run cutbacks. 25 carries on and 63 yards now for sermon is in the pistol with fields tied in right to write in one left, make the hand off the sermon. He stays in the block field styles downfield at the end zone. It is caught. By Jamison Williams Touchdown, Ohio State. Another absolute rope thrown by fields, this one for 45 yards as he hit Williams in stride at the goal line. That's the danger right there. You just saw it in a to play microcosm as Trey. Sermon got loose, And so what do you do? You start having your safety's cheat up. Play action. You run right past him. Jamison Williams running a poster out right down the middle of the field and another strike. Oh, my goodness. A great throw. Absolute dime from Justin Fields on the post route. Put it right. Jameson Williams arms as he beat shared and Jones right down the middle. The field again the safety nowhere to be found because everyone's keying on the run.

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