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93.1 kfbk. The August complex has now burned over 837,000 acres of land. Cal Fire crews continue to battle the complex that is burning across Mendocino, Humble and Trinity counties. The complex has been divided into three zones, and it is over 30% contained evacuation orders, Warnings and road closures remain in effect for areas and all three counties. Further to the South Cal Fire crews continue to battle the creek fire, which has now burned over 278,000 acres. The blaze continues to burn across Fresno, Madeira and Mariposa counties over 900 buildings have either been destroyed or damaged and the fire continues to threaten thousands. Mohr. Fire crews have the blaze at 25% Containment officials say that the military is expected to help with the fire on Tuesday. That's your news. I'm Jordan Christmas. Sacramento traffic checking KFBK traffic Sacramento North Bound five Between Centerville Road and Highway 50. The two left lanes are shut down until 5 a.m.. And this is because of road constructions of state here, right going through the area, then Woodland South bound five. The Vietnam Veterans rest area, of course, remained shut down for that landscape work. That's not said to re open until December. 1st Lusa I five, both north and south bound. The Maxwell rest areas are shut down for sewer work until the end of the year and highway 1 60 at painter's Ville Bridge. It is shut down until October. 1st make sure to use Walnut Grove Bridge or steamboats low bridge instead..

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