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Home. Barn and beating the Lakers. Here's the weird part with them. I think the clippers have one when when you look at least the elite teams in the West those top teams. They have one of the easiest schedules remaining. But is that good or bad with these. That's the weird part with them. You would think at one point they get those guys playing at the same time coin. Paul George they get their their lineups a little bit Make a little bit more censor- evenly weighted than yeah. They should run roughshod over the wrestling especially with an easier schedule. Then maybe not because they seem to only really care against the against this or more of the elite teams but we will see beverly docket and your worst weekend trade. Who Do you have the weekend? Andre Drummond I just feel bad for the guy at this point I'm gonNA reach back a little further. The Pistons lost to the cavs on Thursday. Okay so not quite the weekend but you know an appre weekend if you ask also lost Saturday to the miserable Chicago Bulls and Andre Right drum into me just looks completely checked out. He guys are driving down the lane. He's there he could challenge a shop. He's just not GonNa he's just GonNa Glare at the guy who got burned in fair enough. You're not wanting to pick up fouls if you're the only guy who can really do anything on both ends of the court aircraft has been playing fine. That's that's enough but then eventually Daniel Gifford a rookie Buddies Andre Drummond pushes them into the basket. Drops in a hook shot. Drummond throws the ball at his back just like seriously. My Dad did that to me all the time anytime I would score on. Just whip the ball at me you see. Derrick rose look at under dummies. Like what are you doing. Come on man. The problem is that every team at some point in the season gets to be the main story in the League. The cavs have been the main story in two thousand twenty because they have been the bad team and I unfortunately think that the Pistons are taking the bad team main story from the the cavs right now and drum. It is going to be the guy who has to deal with it until he's traded. We got about three weeks until the deadline. That's a lot of angry. Sad looks from Andre Drummond or what about the rumor that was going around this weekend the Knicks or the team that was interested in trading for Andre John's Hawaii rumors targeting being being ain't going back Daria. Ian Begley reported that but last week he was led the show as a winner because at least he was going to get out of Detroit. But you're right. The next few weeks might be tough. I just feel bad. That he didn't get his his moneys worth for that little BOP. That's what he got tossed off for a little boop to Daniel back. You can't even say he threw them. I'm not I'm not throwing come on. What Tech was worse that one or the fact? That D'Amato Rosen somehow attack for detonating waiting on Chris Boucher and let me fell on him because he don't on getting up he was just getting up. And he you gotta check for that incredible dunk by the way. Oh Yeah for sure but I think worldwide described it as he basically rock bottom team. That's sort of what it look like him down by accident. I have to have a little bit more respective again. After having the ball thrown did not react Ah which is like which is crazy shows just lately it was thrown flying here. I sort of guys brew with him. He's GonNa snap one day because if he can he didn't turn around to do any of the testing and hold me back. He threw down to the hook shot in any talk talk trash so he was expecting some retaliation and when it was a light booth I mean what is he going to turn around but Audrey Germans just frustrated in that same game and that was in the third quarter when when that happened but when he locked walked to the Locker Room he tore his Jersey off for half like for before halftime before he came out for that third quarter so he tore it and he took off his jacket like it was pretty amazing actually took off all the all the way down. You don't see that very often. Luca RIPTA JERSEY. The unfriendly Luca was not proud of his Jersey right there. He added together. Second time. You'll done it. He didn't need to ask you a little bit with it. They should make them play Jersey. Oh you have to play the rest of it gets caught anything. It's your fault. You're freaking out. I'm I'm GonNa give loser the weekend to the Miami Heat. They had a bad weekend. They went over to in New York this past weekend. They lost to the nets on Friday night then. They lost the Knicks on Sunday afternoon. They blew a lead down the stretch in both games. The Knicks was especially bad The Knicks put forty points on them in the fourth quarters. Miami Heat here. Though he'd had their chances says Butler specifically at his chances to tie the game twice In regulation they were down three both twenty one seconds ago we got a pretty favorable call reggie bullock called for the foul on the three point shot. I thought that was the old classic jumping into the guy. Got The call and then I guess it's ball. Don't lie you only make two of the three free throws so they're still down Barrett's fouled while he only makes one of two so now it's a two point lead and then Butler drives. This was weird to me. He looks like he has a layup. Like a chance at the rim. And sorry I should say this was after there was one possession but he kept the ball but then Butler he turns the ball over trying to pass it to ban even though again he has a pretty good look up around the rim and it wasn't really even a bad past like I don't think Bam was ready for it at all thought Jimmy shooting it. Yeah and then he's dropped in the game And and the Knicks had a great performance Julius randle after the passing of his grandmother like Monster Game. MSG was going bonkers. That was cool to see. It always always is. Even the Knicks still stink overall. They've been playing well recently under their new head coach. Mike Miller but that place was rocking but the heat. What are you doing? I mean these are these are too bad losses. Yeah lose both of those now both of them and Bam actually hit the game. I know well usually Jimmy Butler very weird that. Yeah I mean he. He's the closer to a short sean. I know what are you doing. Yeah I think he was adjusting to what had been happening. Taj Gibson had to take to the hoop possessions earlier. He was a guy who was all over him. No Cal Jimmy Butler to take a position before this final play he took it to the rim guile over no cough. Yeah so maybe he's just thinking we're not getting calls here at the end of the game I'll try and pass it off but definitely you gotta twist it up a little shoot at left. The I don't know it looked like it was there because you looked the three foot above. Everybody else was back from Canada by then. You're tweeting about that game. You're right yeah I think he made a decision when he saw three guys. Go go by that. I'm not going to get the shot off any kind of mentally made a decision. I gotta pass it but he should escort it was. It was Taj Gibson. Who is you know his former bulls bulls teammate? WHO's not very young anymore was barely could get above the rim? So those hands were there but from Taj but yeah. Jimmy could've finished that and finish the game he. You didn't go in with the mentality to finish. There's something going on Jimmy's brain. I would like to give one more one more loser the weekend to the insane a prize discrepancy fans hitting half court shots at MBA arenas on Friday a knicks fan. Hit a half court shot. Amazing what did he win. A million bucks know what maybe I guess. Potentially he won a thousand dollars in lottery. Scratch off ticket so like dot is embarrassing. The embarrassing especially for the mix I thought teetering life. Life was pretty bad when the grizzlies did that back in the day for that. Yeah Yeah it's a tough call. What's worse Oh gosh? GRASSI's scratches waivers degree. What if you hit ah come on? Here's the crazy. TAT's the Knicks Fan. One Thousand Bucks in lottery. Scratch off tickets a week ago a mere week ago a Lakers fan netted a cool one hundred thousand dollars. uh-huh for hitting the exact same shot. How is this going on? This doesn't make any sense. And it's like all over the board with these like I did some some quick research. I was watching a youtube. Compilation of half court shots. Hit over the last couple of years or so Up on Youtube okay. Okay See. They've given away ten thousand. I shot got the warriors have given away five thousand also given away a brand new beamer. The kings of giving a brand new car away the heat that one time ago. This'll be a little bit long ago. When Lebron was on the heat that was was for seventy five thousand dollars and then he got a bear hug from Lebron? The mavs of three thousand dollars Also once gave away a seventy inch. TV Okay Right. Yeah the five thousand dollars. The son seventy seven thousand seven hundred seventy seven dollars. Yeses casino was involved in that one of the blazers a new Toyota. The clippers are jeep deep. Renegade the grizzlies as I said the TATER. It's all over the board here what I think there should be. I don't know what it is. We can sign other should be one price for creating a half court shot. I think it should be minimum ten thousand dollars way. No I think it's way more. We know how hard it is to hit a half court shot. Yeah we're all we get forty multiple apple shots at Summer League. This was Madison Square Sunday. He should be getting two hundred grand less to okay. I think that's a little I. I two hundred one hundred hundred grade his. How many times in New York does a fan hit it like once a year somebody somebody hit last year? This this is interesting. You bring this up I saw at Clark tweet. I need Kirk. Gold's Berry to break down. What a half court shot is worth across? The the difference between the teams is big. The price value has decreased increased in recent years and there seems to be a perception that people are making more of them because every make now recorded and posted online. That's interesting little part. There are our people truly making more of them have fans gotten better at half court shots or is it just because we see them all. I think we see we see the fun ones but come on I mean for the Knicks for any any arena. The two hundred thousand dollars for a fan to hit that. I think it looks great on the team. Because we're looking at this team now. Going what a bunch of cheapskates. You've given that basically a thousand dollars worth of garbage. That's basically what you giving is recycled. He's wasting time has scratch. Imagine imagine said Chiesa two-under undergraduate. That's life changing. We've changed over Christmas at the Armenian Christmas family. You know. The GRANDPA grandfather gives everybody the scratch tickets right and then you got those those packages ones like twenty bucks twenty five bucks. But it's got a bunch of tickets in them so everybody gets one and then everybody for an hour is your scratching was a coin and just wasting time. I'm all I need if only I had an e in this word scratch would have one hundred thousand scam. I waste hours doing those because everybody gets tired of them. And I'm like all right. I'm not throwing them out at least got to see right. GotTa see but it's such a waste. I'm wasting time. It's even worse than a thousand because you you have to pay tax on it in this country me too. Don't you think if you if you get two hundred grand. Yeah you have to pay taxes. Two hundred thousand dollars for a half court shot made a little too man. It's the Knicks. Ten thousand thousand minimum again but okay. It'd be talked into a cool fifty thousand or one hundred thousand sure but it's got to be a baseline yeah there's got to be a baseline. Yeah maybe ten thousand is right. I don't know I actually think fans are making them more. Everybody's better sooner these days. You know Steph. Curry started hitting those long shots. Everybody thinks they in those grades..

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