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Have a small contingent. I think that will I think, honestly, you will because they're going to feel better about Getting the approval. I wish more people got it. I wish more people saw the benefits. I think there's a lot of disinformation going on right now. For me, it doesn't change much, but it may have some effect. Some also believe the FDA approval will usher in a new wave of vaccine mandates by companies, universities and local governments. Judge in Travis County is hearing arguments for and against mask mandates. Among those to speak at a hearing this week is Travis County Health Authority, Dez more walks who is in favor of a mandate. Critics argue There are plenty of other respiratory illnesses like the flu RSV that don't require masks in public. But Walt argues that those other illnesses have not caused this pandemic. The round Rock school board will meet this afternoon where it will revisit its mass policy and at the center of the debate here is the opt out provision, which which critics argue is just not acceptable. Superintendent. Half a disease says he will recommend the opt out provisions only apply to kids with developmental disabilities or those with special health needs that could be triggered by wearing a mask. Hey, School District is still standing its ground amid pressure to implement a mandatory mass policy, many of the more than 100 parents who spoke at last night's board meeting or not in favor of a mandate. I think what it comes down to at the end of the day is that we we need to have the right to choose as parents. We know what it has for our Children District is about 85% of its students are choosing to wear mask currently. Officials there say the district will remain in compliance with Governor Greg Abbott's executive order that prohibits mask mandates locally. It is 604 now and take a look at Austin's on time traffic, Not a whole lot of activity going on Still, but we do have reports of one crash. Now. This is on 1. 30 s H 1. 30 South. Um, watch out if you're coming up on the ramp there too old Lockhart Road. We do have a crash reported in that area. I'm not seeing any other else. Any other problems right now. Just your usual backups beginning to build in your usual hotspots, But everything else is really good for you. Take a look at your news. Radio Cable. BJ Radar Weather watch. It will be hot today hotter than yesterday. High 98, maybe 99 degrees. Plenty of clear skies no chance for rain this afternoon and will fall to a low of 78. This segment brought to you by a r s,.

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