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New direction for those struggling with alcohol and other drugs. Call eight hundred essay truck revisit essay truck dot org did morning seven twenty five at Boston's NewsRadio. And look at New England business this morning, state officials both excited and concerned about the pending mega merger of equals between Waltham Raytheon and Connecticut's United Technologies. Governor Charlie Baker is excited. That the new headquarters of the company will be based in greater Boston. But western mass Senator Eric lesser is also concerned about the potential loss of jobs to people who now make the short drive to United's location near Hartford executives of the company say, they are attracted to the wealth of talent in greater Boston. And while the heads of both companies say that synergies will amount to about a billion dollars a year. The combined Raytheon technologies new name of the company will actually create about twenty thousand high paying jobs. They say, well, it is not smooth sailing for the operator of the cat ferry service between Maine and Nova Scotia, as it turns out, bay ferries says it will not be ready in time for a launch on June twenty-first as a regionally planned the service is moving to bar harbor in a rebuild of the terminal, there won't be ready for the launch date. The company is now targeting a mid summer start date, that is as specific as it gets. Meantime, tickets for the first few weeks on the cat ferry to Nova Scotia will be cancelled. Or rescheduled. Well, coming up this morning on WBZ. We still get some big time traffic backups on the rails and the roadways. And it's mainly centered around the JFK. Umass stop on the red line where a train derailed, Deb Lawler with details coming up at seven twenty-seven. What would it take for you to get a tattoo? You didn't want a million dollars. How about a million socks? I'm Randy from bama's when me and my business partner Dave has ago and quitter jobs to start a sock company Bombay's we wanted to make the best socks in the history of feet. No more annoying seem Nomar falling down your leg added art supporting the idea. And what's better than creating the best socks in the history of feet sharing them? This is what we do. One pair purchased equals one pair donated to those in need our dream was always donate a million pairs we thought it would take ten years. That's what Dave said. When we donate a million pairs of socks. I'll get a tattoo to celebrate, but then something happened people loved our socks and instead of ten years, it only took two and a half a million. Pairs and one bomb is tattoo on my arm feel the most comfortable socks in the history of feet by going to bump dot com slash Boston. News and get twenty percents off your first.

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