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Of the bucks said that's been an issue all year to the guys just don't get home in one there's a combination a correlation of coverage me at the in the second area in the front forefront seven if you don't get either one of them they kind of play off of each other the leads the issues now the other part of it though as they really have some playmakers you know grimes and and in mccoy being a top two they plan streaks the same way they play on offense you just can't let this team generate momentum and get and because once they start rolling they roll pretty good matthew stafford was a question mark coming into this sir tilt there more because of that throwing hand injury he received last week against the ravens i got a rubber sleeve onto the fingers early in his career when he missed some time because of injury uh he was given the dreaded china dial title and there was a point in time even this past year i think it was a training camp that he let us know in the media might that he didn't care for that at all while he's been nothing but durable of late he has stood at one hundred and eight games alliance every game as a matter of fact since the start of the two thousand eleven season that is the third longest starting streak among quarterbacks in the nfl he takes his treat very seriously oh absolutely he doesn't want to you know you just want to give up any playing time at all i don't blame on that's that's what your work for that such a practice floor that's what you play four and his look he's the franchise as matthew stafford go so goes this this football team and and now he's got a good set of receivers now the strength of this team is and they and then they're receiving group and i mean not just the wide receivers marvin jones jr and golden state and kenny got to colladay and tj jones but you know the titans of done well eric hebron it off three straight games with four catches had been very efficient now for five games and running back out of the backfield ceo ridic it's really a good set of guys who could move the.

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