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Recovery moment but the has been some progress and of course they will point to richmond which is a richmond upon thames a big big win crucial for vince cable because it's in his backyard and i suspect if they had not been able to take richmond they would have been voices and the liberal democrats saying what is the point of vince cable if he cannot even bring us a back to victory in his own backyard so some progress some relief of vince cable and yes a big win in richmond norman smith thank you million teen minutes to seven let's take a look at today's papers and news websites starting with their overnight verdicts on those results tories a neighbor secure limited games as you get votes collapse across england is the verdict of the guardian website on the local elections spent we'll have a more colorful headline later on the telegraph says labour and the conservatives had a mixed night the spectator says the conservatives will meet expectation management game also the new statesman suggest the surprise winners vince cable because the results will at least for a while the noises off about his leadership at the lib dem's the times leads with the bullying alligators against john berko reports that he's determined to keep the buggering on as common speaking the paper says mr berko has warned that he'd have to be forced from office and didn't believe there was an appetite amongst mp's to try to oust him the telegraph says the latest allegations of intemperate outbursts made by former black rod's david leakey do intensify the pressure on mr berko gardens says that bridge cnas launched your new drive to strengthen an anti russian international alliance it reports that.

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