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Tanner ship off the coast of japan at least two people were taken to hospital by helicopter including the commander of the uss fitzgerald video of the ship shows a portion of the destroyer starboard side was crushed and the vessel appear to be listing the navy says the ship was not in danger of sinking so so far no verdict in the cosby trial here's steve kastenbaum in pennsylvania the jury went back to their hotel after another twelve our day this point discuss the case for a longer amount of time in was taken up by testimony understand cosby spoke for the first time last night and outlawed too you're e who there long on this were also thanked his supporters and wish everyone a happy father's day i'm barton eckert hundreds of demonstrators marched from minnesota state capital to protest the police officers of quibble in the fatal shooting last year of a black motorist correspondent bill michaels has more demonstrators gathered at the state capital before peacefully marching through the streets of saint paul they protested the khoetol of police officer euratom oh yongap as and custodial shooting death during a traffic stop west joy some demonstrators carried signs that read black lives matter justice is dead and the world is watching at one point protesters were met by police after shutting down portions of an interstate i'm bill michaels mary a cancellation policy just got a little stricter whom world's largest hotel chain has announced the customers must give at least forty eight hours notice that they plan to cancel a reservation or cough up by the equivalent of one nights day i'm barton necker maybe the sales person was telling the truth may be lots of people do other timeshares and don't mind higher fees lack of availability and added pressure to always buy.

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