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An oil and gas company is just far too great. BLM approved the Dallas based developers request to expand the Manetta divide oil field by some 4200 Wells. Athon argues that Madison is a good site for wastewater since it's already polluted with the carcinogen benzene. The Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission has not yet approved the company's request for an aquifer exemption. O'Neill points to research showing if state regulators Kranthi exemption. The town of Gillette's recent investment and drinking water infrastructure could be at risk. If that water it should. Contaminate that awkward for the $200 million investment. The 42 mile long water pipeline to supply the drinking water needs of the community would no longer be viable. Manetta is one of a number of extraction projects. Critics say the Trump administration is pushing through by limiting environmental review. The legality of projects approved under William Pendley is also in question. Hendley was never confirmed by the U. S Senate to lead the BLM and in September of federal court ruled that he must vacate the position because his leadership is acting director undermined the constitutional system of checks and balances for public news service. I'm Eric Gladys, another date to a story we had earlier in our newscast, the White Ohio police officer Fatally shot unarmed 47 year old Andre Hill was fired today after body Cam footage was shown documenting what happened. He had Appeared before a hearing held to determine whether he should be terminated. Adam Coy also refused to administer first aid for several minutes. Quay remains under criminal investigation for last week's shooting. The determination came after the conclusion of the hearing to determine whether the actions taken by former officer coy in the moments before and after the fatal shooting of Hill were justified. Public safety director upheld the recommendation of police chief Thomas Quinlan. Quinlan made a video statement Christmas Eve, saying he'd seen enough to recommend it's a coid be terminated. The 63.

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