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For the arts six minutes now past four o'clock it's Tuesday the fourteenth and today will be sunny and beautiful once again all around the bay area temperatures firmly in the seventies even up the coast seventy degrees in point Reyes at the national seashore today seventy two the high expected in San Francisco seventy seven in napa and Livermore and San Jose seventy eight in Concord seventy nine high expected in Santa Rosa today seventy eight in Sacramento it'll be sunny and warm tomorrow as well Thursday should bring a little bit of a cooling trend and then we do have a chance of precipitation developing by Sunday into early next week so that's been pushed back a little bit let's take a look at what's happening with the California report here on KQED public radio for later on this morning next time on the California report updates on how the Golden State is coping with the copay nineteen pandemic from the front lines to the home office coronavirus and California taking it one day at a time I'm really tamale those stories next time on the California report the California report comes your way at nine minutes before six nine minutes before seven and nine minutes before nine three times every weekday morning you can hear the California report here on KQED public radio about Heisinger thank you for listening we appreciate you so much for being here for us and we like to be here for you as well seven and a half minutes pass for it's morning edition from NPR news I'm Steve Inskeep and I'm Rachel Martin good morning president trump is defending his response to the corona virus pandemic at the White House briefing last night he pushed back against detailed critical accounts of his leadership in this crisis in a pandemic that has now killed more than twenty three thousand Americans the president focused on a familiar enemy the media president trump also made the false claim that he can order states to re open their economies the federal government has absolute power it has the power as to whether or not I used that power will see in reality the U. S. constitution reserves many powers for Congress the courts the states and the people and here Scott Detrow was watching that briefing and joins us now.

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