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All righty yes but because of the all my goodness so the question is what is your set of Tommy's you're now you sometimes we hear Lulu sometimes we don't does not just make often now I really want to call with those on a dry cough with my set up in like some we you know because I can't guarantee that I you know we can keep the show penny proof going forward she I don't have a reason to keep any proof that penny do a penny wants to do she's got every now and then yeah that's fine I'm all about that I'm all about that now here's Lou we'll look at the window which is sense of years sometimes thank you so I close the window they close the blinds that you can't look at the the windows anymore but I do it so I I do a show in front of a studio audience his two cats and a dog when I come up here they all come up follow me so I have a loss of up here people looking at me right now that's our black and white both of our Berkeley humane Berkeley humane kitties so papers on the couch click below cleaning and kit are black Kitty black panther is laying in clothes that are supposed to be washed but they've been there for two days for some reason that I have no idea why and I'm not even sure who they are but she's laying in the clothes sleeping in lieu is right behind the chair laying down she's the biggest pain the ladies are are fine they'll come up here and lay on the desk I'm overlooking a window that over arm right next to a window overlooking the street so it's it's a tried to still walkers chair because chairs and grape Walker is a awesome chairs a good video game Terry speaking four hundred Bucks for that thing is like four hundred Bucks I don't have a pitching in on the insurance before on a bus for a chair in he'd find that all that funny I thought it was kind of funny lord and find it funny either I never win those battles I think my high school son is trying to set a record by the way and how much how many video games consecutive hours you can play during this crisis I I he his home is relatively small but we haven't seen him for a day and a half yeah where I walk that's Walker walkers like totally locked in on some on some games because he can't go do its job during the the shelter in place everyone's a little try to jump on my lap and I'm just like you can't do that again I can't I can't do the damn show not that it's that difficult yeah I'm just sit up here and to my left my my computer TV a little further to the left that is not on because what the hell is on and that none so I don't even need it on and then you know little box similar to what you guys will have to do so yeah no it's them modern technology is a beautiful beautiful thing one thing I will say two days I try to dress like I would dress at work now that's a huge deal for Manchester always address tell me yeah pretty much so it's like hits but I I have heard people say that if you work from home don't don't stay in your jammies all day don't go has a local role dad to see if you get dressed in a field easier to work from home what if you dress like your kids right what I can work under where whatever we have long said you know what I'm I like I said for me it's the same thing I'm almost here right now just to let you all know you're not going to know when it is because I'm not going to tell you but I want both the you guys to know into immune and everybody who's listening at some point time do the show alfresco to say I did it runs a busy man man he's got he's he's married he's got two kids under ten he's got a puppy you're not normal type testing this is all because I want to do it I want to be able to say I did the show sans trousers there yet so I'm not I'm not gonna be like Hey guys on a way to reduce showers in the middle of the show know that for however long we are doing the shows from our individual house just know at some point in time where we're having a discussion the boy can be doing it right now this is Megan frontier for us we got to be good during this time goes we argue that this is the way that this is where real creativity get sprouted just keep in the back you might remember that when you buoy not keep it anywhere in my mind is going to be in his birthday suit all now yeah.

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