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Kenny golladay. Kenny gone in daniel jones. Have i mean kenny. Golladay is just seeing the practice field. Now i think if ken golly has a good season. It's gonna take a while to get started. I think even if you're high on kenny golladay season a massive week. One i think is kind of crane must be spending too much time out there on sucks island because bradbury island is very nice. This time of year and jerry. Judy is going to be hanging out for sixty minutes. I think. I think both numbers are going to be pretty low but i would still have to go bridge ordering just because they've had a whole preseason to work together. Okay i just sneak in. Well one against i to be clear. I don't hate. George kittle but this is crazy. We laid out the case or jared. Goff might rack up a bunch of passing yards. And don't don't confuses with me. Liking jared goff but jared goff and tj hopkinson at plus two forty five especially. Because you know like who who are the lines targets. We don't know hopkinson. You could make a case is kind of. They're most reliable target. He's the guy that probably has one of the best resumes of the of the people out. There it sounds a little bit like you've acquired the land. Mass next sucks island and you are expanding. It's too good of a deal. Sometimes you just gotta get trickiness with this price. But most of these are relatively close to even money golfing. Tj hodkinson a plus two forty five or garoppolo and kit minus two ninety. If i'm the forty niners i come in and i just pound the rock with most pound. The rock a with trae sermon. And maybe get you know. Get trae lance in there. There's i mean trey lands could be involved in in passing. They're they're definitely going to give trailer at some wild looks some like running around stuff. That's going to eat away jimmy. Jeez passing yards. He's never been a big past. Yeah i mean like honestly this price must have something to do with like the expectation of what people are going to bet because there are a couple of these maybe they need to lupus into the process. Sean because the i i just i don't know who's laying to ninety with jimmy g. and kiddle when they're going to run the ball thirty five plus times in that game Man i keep. I'm trying not to give out every one of these. But joe borough you did another one schober jomar chase or kirk cousins and just jefferson. I hold you didn't say the price it would blow people's mind that kirk cousins and justin jefferson. The dog in this matchup even money. Yeah i know i know. The vikings are on the road and again maybe and cook. Has that massive game. It's hard not to like the entire. Vikings offense honestly and jomar chase again rough preseason. Maybe he still ends up being a good prospect. But i joe borough played three snaps and chase his preseason numbers and really pat again thinking of it more like this march has to other wide receivers. That are going to take touches away. Joe mixing meanwhile what do we. What did we miss earth. Smith is out of there we. It's still but again. He's new to camp. Adam dealing is there but feeling could steal some yards. One guy and alvin. I just think on the bengals guarding justin jefferson. The bengals defense is in the show me mode. She'd they're gonna have to show us any other ones like right. I mean we feel like we gave out everyone so we can. we can move on. Yeah there's There's some pretty fun ones. their prize. picks that's right price. Picks we're gonna be talking about them on our dfs episode given out It's daily fantasy simplified. Just give out You know just pick over and under on these player totals and we just basically went through a bunch of players..

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