Iraq, Ukraine, Brandon Johnson discussed on The Cracked Podcast - How Our Personal Experience Articles Find Comedy in Tragedy


It's coming out i don't know if you read the articles on cracked dot com hey try it but for years now we've run articles in our personal experience section where we do journalism we interview actual people about their actual lives and we're going to link off to a bunch of examples in the footnotes if you're not aware but a it's an amazing section on the website it's led to us the comedy website cracked that come covering national elections from the campaign trail embedding reporters everywhere from iraq to the ukraine and revealing incredible lives of seemingly ordinary people to millions of readers so so that's what that is personal experience cracked its personal is the podcast version it's like one of our personal experience articles if it was also a good you know audio documentary and great comedy show all rolled into one i could i could just keep describing it but it's a little easier to let you hear it so let me play you a short sample of episode 1 of crack its personal is an episode about the world of emergency medicine everything from patients with light bulbs up their holes to alligator poachers trying to play off gator bites like their fishing accidents late like baths did it resounding anyway there's this clip we're going to play you right now where it's hosts robert evans and brandon johnson exploring the world of doctors passing up their own services so brandon before we get to the alligator's i wanted to talk about how working in emergency medicine fundamentally changes your conception of death so here's dr daniel to talk again about death basically uh for me there is no way i would ever want to die in the hospital.

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