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Four hundred sixty four hundred seventy it who's pattern paired and now can be cranked up to well over five hundred reliably where the nonsense going the other way because he's been exotic. If you blow porsche known seven engine then it's serious money and the other one is is modern chassis sentinel node. The lulu is a semi monocoque so you can you can stiffen everything in it takes it whereas the one of the moments seven strengths at the time was white space frame and you start stiffening suspension and hitting clubs and you just crap the suspension as this chassis tubes so ah the things that worked for imperial been negated really. Have you ever seen a five one basing ni- i've never seen i think the christ we got we was kid would revival where we completely missed it to run display in the in the sort of show yeah yes. I think the the opposition really the main opposition is for. They're actually works out for my matra teams that out during that period as well for always the main in one and it just didn't do good enough job to call wasn't caused path when it was a bit too heavy so bad weight ratio key thing and foreign got their car early enough so that you have instability problems portrait already sold by nineteen seventy think the five onto 'em which is the call paid ended on seventy actually jackie blue the normans yeah well y at the asteroid ring indices before it filed southern portion you. That's what they're guy. Inside five liter engine never just one of the reasons that i put forward what is being the greatest race in is because of the number innovations that they used as drilled brake discs come in during that point. I tried a._b._s. That she did even think about reverse in the cooling fan on the top of the engine to suck effectively kovac came under nathan produce downforce it actually shout the engine too much debris so the guy down that right but i try and different things all the time so kind of come back around see original question. Are we talking about kind of the opposition. That was that so how how how serious the three think of all says always this question mark is that you can judge it by the opposition but if a car such that forward it can make the opposition look weaker. Shall we say than it. Perhaps most fundamentally well. I think with the nine one seven is prime. Go from porsche was to win lamont so they it was an on slow nine hundred seventy when when an upward finally one month porsche i think they qualified fifth and it was a race of attrition they they came to the front. This was pushed dominated that race with entries and it's something that is not possible at nine. Three five is dominated the whole grad red but they were it was a real this tactic. I win yeah. I think that's failed. I would say now about fourteenth on the grid the nine hundred seventy empty car. I think they must have been lamont grit positions of one of those things that you quite quite easily yeah well. I think i would about twelve seconds off in qualifying and that russia has the <unk> richard. I read about that and he he driven he. He driven the white car and six calvert. They pulled sir. You won't get the finishes. It'd be a waste of time but be careful was adamant. He always wanted to tharcisse thingy hands on because you know why he said what wa drive on the corner that i can deployed applied on wall. Santoni mall are false nails and they absolutely sort of so carefully stumbling went out and just blitzed it yet the app. This is a quick as alfred atwood. I think we're trying to get the cost. The end got within three three hours or so the finish which was much further than portrait expected in the car. Bryk had no desire to drive the car. He was caught cleveland but even though they were why hate in the late nineteen seventy..

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