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I don't know the guy played him. Michael Landon from little house on the prairie and later on cancer fame want when a young person. Well, he did cancer fame because he literally wasn't on the tonight show back when they had twenty million viewers like four months before he died, and he did this like interview. Like, hey, I'm feeling good. You know, and he did this whole thing. And then he he died. It was a weird thing. Yeah. Like he went on a weird. Like somehow, if he could convince people at home, he was okay. Then somehow he could convinces LS thanksgiving. I watched a whole little house on the prairie special. Like, they're they're like holiday movie special from way back when and own my God, if Laura Ingalls doesn't look exactly like Morgan Murphy. Oh, yeah. Insane. A comedian who we both adore in. Yeah. They do have a lot of that. I mean, why freckled? Sauce arrived. But there's a couple of things are happening. During the courses interview. I'm walking toward you. While you're retreating. I'm not pushing you. You're migrating backward. I didn't feel us moving at all. But we have moved to good for. And almost pinned against I'm going to step back this way, the hold the mic this way. Michael Landon was a bed wetter his mom would try to humiliate him much. Like your dad did with the splashing the water by taking his heart was in the right place hand within the fuck and sink. And that was the problem, and he's she would hang the sheet out of the window and let every off the balcony and let everyone know guests who just wet their bed last night. Although I don't feel like I could see a piece Dane if I'm driving down the street, and there's a sheet like drying, their laundry, I wouldn't be hey, kid, just wisdom self again. But either way they hung. Looks like the land and family are are giving in giving maybe that we got a Ruby Ridge Waco situation over here waving the white flag with bit of urine stain on it. So she would hang the sheet out the balcony. And then this as the story goes, Michael Landon would have to sprint home to get to it before his classmates and the rest of the school sought and thus became a decaf elite because he became kind of one of those force Gump things. I mean, he would have to run all the way home from school every day. And then one day turned into a great canceling board. Telling you, this story, just get to the the what the point of the whole story is which is we will work Haiti. Right. Oh, yeah. That's right. That's right. That's right. Why are we here tonight for all the bed weather's in Haiti? That's right. Th- right donate. Now. That's what I want to say donate now at WWW dot P, H dot org partners in health. That's right partners in health. That's why Sarah Sobers here and Sarah. You're going to go on stage and do what tonight do little stand up. It's a let's see Jeff Ross and then a big show from family guy a little intermission than Jeff who's emceeing will bring me out. I'll do fifteen minutes or so. And then it's always sunny in Philadelphia. We'll do show..

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