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Eu member i like closer you've amber as long as it's not you tober which was terrible you tober was terrible you've emperor it's a much different it's it's a all other months yeah you've ember was awful or you you'd tober was terrible on friday yes shortest start of you darvish his career tonight the leash is going to be like this law like tiny lic should super short leash alex with you be warming up at the beginning of a new whilst would might be standing next to you darvish wall he's pitcher well i side there's this niira the thing that you darvish did in game three was heat over through heat baseball he wants it oh just gonna keep rambling here unita borish it's an emotional day actually coming back next we are going to relive some some previous game sevens we've dug up some previous game 7 moments including one that involves dodgers legend sandy koufax who i would imagine we've had look at the guys we've had thrown out the first pitch we had rachel robinson in the robs family we had a fernando valenzuela with vivid ali last night we had orel hershiser with tommy lasorda tonight it's obvious right it's gotta be sandy kofi sandy koufax has got to throughout the first pitch tonight your demand the price if we could i couldn't do it if i had two i couldn't do it if i i would i'd i'd gear up for our europe you you'd buck up dodgers lovey right now.

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