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People who can observe them from a distance and help support no the associated cost and not accidentally find one in river you know it's it's sort of it reminds me of the idea of the question what's the scariest thing to see in the woods if you're camping as ask watch if you can find one rate uh the world champions of hide and seek there's one of the answers is a bear cub because the mothers somewhere totally noon aware or sas quash cub worse ask watch gus ask web task love it's tough to say but it's worth it it's a lot of fun arum well i think at is that that that does it for escobar and his uh his is a hypocrite harum yes thus ends our episode on pablo escobar's hippo haven that's better 'nother woodhaven is is coming yelling yet hopefully the hippo haven is on the way this does not however end our show we'll be back very soon with something bizarre something weird something dare i say ridiculous meanwhile have to well it's it's out there now in the meantime we'd love to hear from you have you visited colombia have you by any chance happened to see the hacienda yourself and also what was the one we asked earlier what do you think of bumper stickers fence the burning question really that we are left with today that's my take away anyway but you can do all that stuff if you want you can email us at what are we ridiculous at how stuff works dot com that's us and you can find us at all the other varies social media is i think in an earlier episode i if i recall correctly we're still speculating on a pen troops yelm not an are not about that conscious will will put a pin in that for now i know they're not all going to be great they're i'll give me home runs so right as send us your thoughts your dreams near nightmares in you know if you have an idea for it episode we'd we'd love to hear that too and i will catch you next time on ridiculous history.

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