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Well, it's good to be here in Hilo back at ya. Yes, sir has been quite a deal and I couldn't wait for today to get back. In the studio with you. And if you don't mind, we can get started with ever for Melbourne. Why not? All right. Okay. Everett. What's going on in Melbourne, Florida? Not a stray you what your question. Yes, this is a. Yes. I like that. Required about the, the seizure. MRI woke assault. The sound guy that developed it was Ovadia while a B D And okay, what do you think about it? Okay. I got to tell you. I don't know darn thing about it. Okay. Why would you think that something had want to have done? Well I had my chest. Thanks. And this is a surgery as the. The ultrasound that like a guy you give apple with the guy had term or anything. And they went in and that brain half an hour later. You know, chairs. Okay. Well, here, there couple of things that I would have to say to that sort of thing, first of, which is, you've got something that may be experimentally developed, and that's fine. The second thing is when you're working inside the chest. Ultrasound works very, very badly, especially with, with any type of let's say, viscous, you know, a let's in Oregon, that air filled in other words, the ultrasound can't really work very well. So if you're looking to be able to deliver energy to a tumor in the chest, you'd have a hard time, unless you are going through the Asaf icus so you go through the Asaf against to work your way outward. But even at that when you're looking at experimental procedures much assure that it'd be one of the first person to have the darn thing done if there's anything like that around in about I would be calling university diagnostic imaging. Are you deny and see whether or not they have any idea of what's going on with that? And if it's available around here, but I know nothing but in this area, what type what type of problem, do you have that you may? To get this. I mean, why would you need this? Found on Ted Ted talk. Okay. So, basically, this is just you're just recognize during for the heck of it. Yeah. There are a lot of things that are out there under development and generally speaking when you're looking at something like an MRI which is done on the inside of a very, very powerful magnet. And then you have all tra- sound probes, which are made of metal generally speaking stick, those things in the middle of, of an MRI. So my gut tells me that this isn't going to go very far, but God bless God bless you know, the Ted broadcast, and so, and so forth, sometime in the next future. Once they figure out, you foes, such, I think they may be able to work this one out, but thank you so much for calling. All right. We are taking those calls at eight four, four to two zero zero ninety six five eight four four to two zero zero ninety six five let's go over to CoCo beach, a great place. Leme. What's going on? Well, I got vertigo and I've had it for about ten months now. Okay. And I done. Aptly maneuver and didn't didn't help me. I take Mick Levin. I went to an ENT doctor and he gave me some exercises to move my head. I tried doctor Dr Klein recipe with the ginkgo biloba and, and a C and all that stuff. Go next. I need a neurologist. How would how would you treat this? Dr Klein, the first thing you want to do is to figure out what's, what's causing the vertigo, Jim how old are you? Well, I'm eighty six. Okay. We'll gingko doesn't do doesn't do very much for vertigo. You didn't get that one for me. The NFC helps things drain. It's been particular sinuses in your age group. Okay. There are a number of different things that can cause vertigo, primarily one of, which is a tumor or growth on the eighth cranial nerve. So at some point going to a neurologist is going to be a good idea because someone going to need to get an MRI looking in particular for eighth cranial, nerve processes, and so and so forth. You've already gone, and tried the EPA maneuvers, the likely of it being a benign positional vertigos pretty small, I have something called many heirs disease, which causes vertigo tonight isn't hearing loss. Okay. It's not a lot, you can do about it. But there's some tricks and some things I'd like you to look into before you start going too far afield, first of, which is when people come in into my practice with vertigo that just does not seem to be, let's say diagnosed one of the places I look. Is the mass toyed sinus? Now, the mass toyed sinus can become infected inflamed or blocked, and that can cause vertigo and it can go misdiagnosed for decades. Okay. Mass toyed sinusitis used to be treated, very, very commonly. And then all of a sudden, perhaps in the nineteen seventies or so. You didn't see nearly as many Mesto dictums. They used to go ahead and actually chisel away, the mess toy bones to fix this problem. So what I would suggest that you do would be to go to a neurologist because principal get worked up for the vertigo, but ask them very, very specifically if they wouldn't mind in the process of doing the MRI of the eighth cranial nerve, if they could get a good hard, look at the mess toyed sinuses, as well, if the mass toyed scientists is in any way. Oh, pacified, or kind of like, glossed over, then you have to drain the message scientists to fix this your age group. That's what I'd be looking at the NFC is a brilliant thing to be doing anyway. But add to it something called music's generic news. Thanks, which is why Fenton, then add two of those tablets there, four hundred milligram OTC tablets, you can get them at Costco. Very reasonably new take two them every three to four five hours and that range along with any seat. If this is going to be a sinus issue, and that's what I'm hoping it is, then it'll start to drain. You'll start to feel better. But gingko doesn't do anything. It's one of those sorts of one of those sorts of deals. Health food stores tend to sell the amuse you all they do nothing. Either you get better or you don't but gingko not so much as adapted. You so, and that's the till sixteen to add Guay Fenton, Goto neurologist. And when they do the asked them to look at the mess sinuses as well. They got good commercials. Oh, doc coke. Mucin. Gingko. Ginko. We'll be it'd be great. So it's, it's a cute. Little name if I really ginkgo, biloba okays, an office supply, store, it does. Doesn't it? Dejan people that people have been using that Ashra Gonda for thousand years, okay? It doesn't do very much. In fact, most of the most of its wasted syncing may do a little bit more for you. But it's, but it's got to be the North American ginseng, not Siberian, her career Cray, engine saying because neither the other two worked very well. We keep the phone's ringing right out there at eight four, four to two zero zero ninety six five eight four, four to two zero zero 96.5 from CoCo beach. We go north to Ormond beach, and Jack Jack what your question? Yes, I have ankylosing spondylitis came out when I was twenty years old. And maybe they thought they had a flip this they gave me a Milo cram and sent me on my way. I've been suffering flare ups for fifty seven years. I'm almost seventy seven now in the list, four months. The flare ups have turned to steady constant number ten pain got it and the right now deductive, put me on. Sediment. Hundred sixty foot milligram tablets. Six a day. And I've been on for almost a month, and they have no they don't do anything for the pain. I'm shocked that they would start without any, which way ankylosing spondylitis as a miserable miserable disease. Okay. It is. I'm surprised that they've, you know, when you're in the navy or whatever. So they made the diagnosis and did they discharge you or did they just leave you alone date discharge because I left with no paperwork, and then later years, went by, when I was told I should try to contact them. And they told me that all my paperwork was burned in a fire or something. And I have no record of me being in the naval hospital for three and a half, we got Nokia ankylosing spondylitis is, is not. It's a degenerative condition has little or nothing to do with what you did or where you did it, you know, if you come down with these sorts of things while you're in the military, very frequently you can end up with a military related medical condition. You can be treated the VA and so, and so forth. But I remember that, that fire gosh, I think those out in Kansas City at the at the records depot that was big. Deal. A lot of records were destroyed and that that's indeed unfortunate with regards to the ankylosing spondylitis, though, okay, the questions, what do you do about it? And it's an inflammatory condition, and you lose all manners of mobility of the spine, you know, by your age. I'd be very surprised if he had much spinal mobility at all, giving you Tylenol is like French kissing your cousin. Okay. It, it may look like you're doing something. But you're doing nothing and going nowhere. So what I would recommend that you do with regards to this would be to be started on anti inflammatories. You're going to get much more bang for your buck with that. What would you use over the counter stuff like a leave works better than most anything else? You take three in the morning in the evening. If you read the bottle to take two a day that too, is not doing very much, so five per day of the over the counter Aleve in divided doses so three in the morning to evening to in the morning three in the evening. Your call however you wanna do it. And then to that, okay? You add something called turmeric. Sometimes, you know, which is very, very, interesting Kurkuma longest, the name of the genus and species of the plant tomorrow is the name of the spice. Okay. And what this stuff does is, it's a tumor necrosis factor alpha and tag to tape marvelous anti-inflammatory the combat combination of the Aleve. With to Merrick is a strong one how much to Mark between three hundred and five hundred milligrams twice a day, maybe even a little bit more. And then the third thing you add to it is something called MSN, which stands for methyl sofa Neo, methane dosage. There is a thousand milligrams twice a month. Give the two three weeks. He hey, you start to feel it's not gonna make you feel perfect. Because the problem that you've got is never going to be perfect be certain then you're the person that's probably going to end up needing to take one of the oral opiates the one that I found in the past now ankylosing spondylitis is a fairly rare disorder. The one that I prefer is called methadone low dose methadone you'd make do the other things above that. And you're gonna start getting real real comfortable with, and you never take enough of that stuff to be totally pain-free..

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