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Make that phone call the san francisco twenty minutes before and you sit there and said john lynch hey interested garoppolo we think there was evidence before the goose they're all interested they wanted cousins real bad but a photo griff if a toll road jimmy's out there and you know these teams are all a alert who didn't have a quarterback some had phase one face to i want to jim younger get going to your cousins probably for the same price and at about belgium finally calls in suzuka in front of a break but i'm not arguing the point but that if you're if you're if you're bill bella check and you can't carry that cap the franchise kept number the debt number on your cap next year you sit here and say what are you supposed to do tom brady is not falling apart at age forty though he may play another two three four five years what do you do in that situation i get that part of it that pella checks looking at it garoppolo kept play for us and by the way if garoppolo stole the on this team right now he would go into the offseason and they would that they would give up that frenchus tag they would hurt themselves in other areas with his football team and you talked about it earlier they need help in the offseason on the defensive front of money right pick up spencer money getting players if you would put forty million of your cap money into one position to quarterback position you're not capable of doing it at me rival utah spilled up right i grew up all still doesn't play though is illegal in you get sign up for three years he's thirty years old but if he becomes a superstore in.

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