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Alongside Idina marks on this Friday. I need a good to be with you. Great to be with you as well. Big week and ahead a lot to get to. Yes, let's just real quick, game two of the NBA Finals is Sunday, obviously we had game one last night, monster come back by the Celtics, warriors, you know, just blew a double digit lead in the fourth quarter, which you rarely see at this elite level, but we saw elite shooting from both teams from downtown, Boston got what it needed would be a road win so they now have home court advantage Justin series price their favorite now minus one 85 ish, what do you have a play for Sunday's game two? Yeah, you know, Doug, if you would have told me, hey, Boston wins game one, but oh, by the way, Tatum only puts up 12 points. I would have told you you're crazy. Of course you look at 13 assists. You had Horford 6 of 8 from downtown in smart four of 7 from downtown. Meanwhile, on the opposite end, curry, of course, 34 points, but if 50%, 7 to 14 from downtown, but pull only 9 points, Wiggins, love him 35 minutes, 20 points. I'm looking at the stats here, dog, and it's just like, wasn't your typical game on both sides. And there's no knee jerk reaction here with me. I'm going to lay the points again with the Golden State Warriors. They're just too good of a team dog to go down O2. And I'm looking a number of their guys had an off night, meanwhile, for the Boston Celtics, a number of their guys had an uncharacteristic fantastic night. I just don't think either of those things are going to happen again. So I'm going to lay the points again with the Golden State Warriors. I don't think they go down O two. Yeah, for me it's the same thing. I'm going to add a principle. I'm going to lay the short number with Boston. And I will, you know, look, I'm just going to lay the four. I wouldn't be absolutely stunned if I don't cover. I think we will see regression to your point harford and some of those guys aren't going to shoot lights out. Tatum will play better though, at least from a shooting perspective. And I think the warriors will clean up some things. I think Steve Kerr gambled a little bit with some of his lineups. The problem, but I think the number one problem here is Boston has two way players for the most part Golden State does not. They got to get some offense out of draymond. You can't let him go to for 12, things like that. And they got to get some defense at a pool and things along those lines. We'll see, they'll clean it up. They should take care of business. And we'll go from there. But just a small play for me. It's not a crazy, crazy play. Let's go to the ice, where in your backyard, the rangers, one game one, they help scheme two tonight lightning still favored road shock, but it's a buck 30 here. Yeah, I love the rangers. Again, as you said, you know, I'm here in New York. This town is a buzz and the rangers are feeding off of it at home. So I'm gonna go rangers on the money line that you can get at plus one ten, even some places. I am gonna take the under here. I think the lightning really rusty, keep in mind they came in. They had not hit the ice since I want to say it was May 23rd or May 26th or something like that because they swept the Panthers. So I think that they play better, especially on the defensive side of the ball and their goaltender, so I'm going under 5 and a half goals. And I'm going to play the rangers plus one and a half and the under at 5 and a half and you could get that at plus one 40. So I've got three plays in this matchup. Again, the ranger is 6 and one at home on home ice, the crowd here is huge, Igor shish durkin has been unbelievable 95% save rate at the at the garden, they've got skilled forwards or averaging almost four goals a game and arguably, and this has really been the big talk here. Because the rangers dug are peaking early. This is a team that a lot of people are expecting this type of performance next year, not this year, they have probably the youngest best third line in maybe what we've seen in hockey in the last decade. They're calling him, they're calling them the kid line. Meanwhile, for the lightning, again, like we said, they were rusty and Brendan point is out. And I don't think people realize what a big loss that is for them, especially on the penalty kills, where the rangers have been really great. So I think the rangers go up two O and again, but I do like the under I'm expecting better defense from the lightning tonight. Yeah, I can't fault you at all. I will say the lightning have been excellent off a loss. Each of the last couple of postseasons. So that would give me a little pause, but your rights as turkey has been fantastic. We finally saw an under Matt finally, but we finally saw some defense in the avalanche series and that game goes under yes last night, so maybe this comes back to earth and we see another under on that front. Okay, let's go to the diamond, got a few plays. I'm gonna start with the Dodgers. Tyler Anderson goes for the Dodgers. He's been incredible. He's on this ridiculous scoreless ending street. And I just have to back him the first 5 against the mets. That's maybe getting a little exposed here with the step up in competition as even beating up some of the teams in their division. Dodgers took care of business to nothing. Solid performance from the arms, especially the bullpen, which has been a little shaky. So I'm gonna take the Dodgers in the first 5 to continue things going. What about you? Yeah, I have two plays that I like. I really like the brewers tonight and I'm gonna lay the one and a half. I'll play them on the run line at plus one 50. I also like the under in no runs scored in the first inning, a little bit hefty on the juice at minus one 64, okay, and must grow under 5 and a half strikeouts at even money. Padres, we know that they've been struggling. They've lost four straight, 7 of their last ten. They stroke against right handed pitchers, Corbin burns will be on the bump for the brewers. He's got 8, 9 of his last 8 of his 9 last starts, 8 of them have been quality starts. And his last start against the Padres, he only gave up one run. Meanwhile for the brewers, their bullpen is coming in really fresh after last night. They didn't have to tap into them much. Meanwhile, it pretty much they used all of the bullpen for the Padres. So I'm expecting this to really blow up in the later innings. And of course, this is a brewer's team. We know they're good at home. They're 15 and 6. I'm also going to keep it home here in New York. I like the over 7 and a half runs with the Yankees and the Detroit tigers. The tigers, they've been playing well as of late, they won their last three, but there's something about the tigers and Garrett Cole and they have his number. He couldn't even get out of the second inning the last time he faced them. So as great as Garrett Cole has been, there's something about the tigers that just gets in his crawl. So I think the tigers are going to put up some runs tonight and they've got Rodriguez that's on the bump for them. We know how great this Yankees lineup has been. Carpenter, the addition of him, he's been great Torres has been knocking the cover off the ball as of late. So I'm going to go over 7 and a half runs in the Yankees tigers game tonight. Okay, and you've got a little cherry on top. Bonus for us with darkness. I do. I mean, John, can you, I mean, we're talking darts on this podcast who are we, but I'm really big into it. I've got a lot of friends who are heading to the garden MSG this weekend. It is the U.S. masters darts tournament, I've got a winner here. It's Michael Smith. He's the best out of the folks from PDC that are here in town taking on the Americans..

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