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It Celtic at eight pm eastern than it's nuggets trailblazers both series tied at one game at peace figure to be dynamics. There. NBA countdown gets it all started at seven eastern. Let's go back to the NFL back to some football and back to a recurring theme and its general managers talking the sums the Steelers last month. Ben Rothlisberger signed a two year contract extension worth sixty eight million dollars that should speak for itself. As far as the organization's commitment to him. But that wasn't enough earlier this week Steelers general manager, Kevin Colbert joined the podcast, and at this to say about the extension and Ben's future. Quote. I know he doesn't have an expiration. Date. He doesn't need money. He doesn't need all credentials in my opinion. He's already achieved both of those what he wants is more Super Bowls. And that was a big part of why we were willing to do what we did. And now it's our job to help him. Help us get there. Dominic. I'm just looking at your face. And you just you look a man in pain because it's stupid like first of all, obviously, the expiration date even been rothlisburger. No, the expiration date because he's talked about it at Ozzy at the end of many things he talked about how he feels like he may be coming up on that expiration date. It's also stupid because Kevin called your job is to anticipate the expiration date and prepare for the expiration date. So either you're lying to us or you're not very bright. And it is bothers me again, we're talking about this theme of GM's being more and more outspoken. Kevin Colbert is another one he's outspoken GM's because he was the same one who essentially called all of the Steelers children except for Ben Rothlisberger. Who who implicitly is their father is nonsense because it just feels like Kevin Colbert is like. A nerd who was really into this one jock and really wants to impress them. He's leading this cult of been Rothlisberger. When is not as it's been Rothlisberger has been good like that experts date might already be here. He's already throwing back passes. And it seems like this. He's in opposition to AB. That's what it feels like this is all about that. It feels like a binary you have to choose AB or you have to choose been. He's all in on been which is fine. But it doesn't mean you have to be delusional in stupid way to that's interesting. You think the Steelers are still being affected by AB, even though he's gone off? And I agree with you. How long does the effect keep going is it as long as Kevin Colbert continues to make it about that? I don't know. I I'm not in the locker room, obviously. And I don't know how anyone feels or thinks. But he suggested me that they must feel that been Rothlisberger needs some reassurance. Like, they they drafted a quarterback in the third or fourth round not too long ago and been Rosberg came out and was like outspoken that he's not near the end of his and then soon after getting a little tired. I don't know if I could come. Back for another year. So that interception editors through. There was one that he tried to blame on the radio..

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