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I know would you put him on. Tv and also setting. He might not so anyway locally. The islanders logic really the rangers collins blackwell dyers Nathan vast in so. Yeah there you go the seattle crack and get excited. The how many random seattle athletes. Can we sit here probably more than you think. Probably go run team per br boone seattle. Yeah the running back. I'll i'm sorry gyms leave. Large teams zord bras. Orange chicken and ribs is a wonderful place. The way that so yeah. It's on long island wonderful in bosnia. Go to seattle did. Yeah hasselbeck matt. Hasselback our ira. That's exit kevin durant. Kevin durant was iran. Yeah indeed he was. There mcmillan played for the seattle supersonics. Janis valentine played for the seattle mariners. Lord perry bobby valentine bobby valentine. Okay dany horrible. Jack ma marriage pretty good when we johnson. This isn't bad for us. I think about that and look how far room before he's randy johnson. Yeah men right. Didn't he play for daniel. Yeah so you're going with the secret. We've tapped it out. Anybody else. One last thing anybody now okay. Very good dion. Don't call me dion. Call me coach thing. One another step further on wednesday. So the sec had their media day. Dan somebody counted and nick. Sabin was called nicky. Eight times by reporters did not cuss anyone out. As dion suggested he might and here was the exchange..

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