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Show on 700 wlw. Fallout still from the shootings over a small park over the weekend. As that starts to fade the review. Sadly, there's going to be more. There's always more. There's never a stop. There's always more. Five people shot two teenagers gunning each other down 16 and 19. You know the drill by now Chicago even worse, and they seem to be a high water mark in the United States for these kind of things, although I pointed out a few minutes ago Uh and I don't see much outrage about this and I'll be honest with you. I don't watch a lot of cable news and the like. It's not my thing. I just tend to look online. Just don't like cable news. It's too much too much yelling and screaming. 36 police officers shot alone this year in Chicago, 36 you know if an officer gets shot in Chicago and Cincinnati Big deal now, Chicago is much bigger city, but still 36 cops like him. That happens. Wow. Talk about lawlessness when you have alderman saying, Hey, can the federal government do something about the violence in Chicago? Because we've got 100,000 gangbangers run around shooting each other and no one's safe. Right, not a race thing. That is a quality of life thing, And that's what we've got to look at. As we walk that fine line, But I will say this, I think the level of tension As you see in downtown Cincinnati because it's easy for us who live in suburbia to wag our fingers. Go ahead downtown today, But you know what, Um, I've obviously if I'm gonna get shot, I probably got a greater risk of doing so around. Probably people I know. Or, Um, uh, you know if I go downtown, Okay, You know, there's probably a better chance than some may be sure, that's just the neighbor of an urban center. That's the bad and there's a lot of good and I think a lot more good in Cincinnati them bad. Honestly, um, but just the level of tension now I don't know if that's exclusive, at least that level of, um that that unease Is exclusive to just you know, pointing the finger at downtown or teenage kids or whatever your case in point last night. Went to dinner with my wife. My son was with this. Like, okay, I'll take you out to dinner. Whatever had Ted. Nice meal, um, drowned regularly to drop him off, and there's it's two lane road. And there is a traffic coming towards us. And I'm making a left hand turn. And of course, you know the trend. Now there's a guy that gets behind me and he is like literally on my, but for Probably about a half mile like okay, well, okay. I'm good. You know, just rain, too. So You've got that issue as well. You know, road conditions. The oil from the surface comes up in the summer. And that's just you know, As you know, Roads can get a little slick even in the summer, especially after it's been very, very hot and dry. The oil comes up when there's way so you know, you take it a little bit easy, but do it about the speed limit. Guys right in my rear end. So anyway, I put my signal and because I don't wanna get rear ended. And I go to make a left hand turn and there's a gap of about I mean, if I punched it, I suppose I could have made it. But again, you know you were about fish, talent and stuff, and this guy is laying on his horn. So it's about to turn us like, Wait a minute. I'm stopping so you should stop and let the other cars passing through my hands up and just sat there for a hot minute. Now my wife is all worried she was clenching because she's like, Oh, my God, the guys getting it out of card shooters. Which adds sadly. You know, that's something I wouldn't expect, but it happens. And so she was like you should have just not given the look in their rear view mirror and you know Shrug your shoulders and try to say, what the hell are you doing? But at the end of the day, it's like, Dude, there's no room. Where do we I mean, you want to jump over the traffic to get to make a left turn because you're in a hurry. But that's just an example. It's like no one got out of their car. No, no threats were made anything like that. But, you know, it. Got me to thinking is like you hear these stories of road rage all the time. We had a guy with the got Fourth of July that got shot. You know he's on the phone. Um he's going to pick his kids up. To take on the fireworks and he's on the phone, saying I'm going to be a few minutes late, and he gets rear ended. And the guy who rear ends and get to the current shoots him three times. I mean, That that could happen to any of us, right? And that's not a that's not a good thing. That's not a Chicago thing. That's a anywhere kind of thing. And I don't know if it's because Covid has made us more insecure as I think a lot of that is that you know the political tension, obviously that even if you don't follow politics or carrot, who won the election? You can still feel it right? There is this overall just wet blanket hanging over all of us, and then you add covid in and the insecurity jobs are destroyed the other day that You know, during Covid about 50% of people. I was like high water 50 million people had you know, uh, not not clinical depression. I don't want to say, but we're Had serious mental health concerns because of the unknown and addiction. And I thought, you know once this past over I thought it would be okay. You know, we'll go back. It's like, thank God. We all survived this thing. We're back to do what we want to do Everyone be cool, and it's the exact opposite. And I can't figure out why that is. I don't know if it's because we're locked up and we spent so much time alone. And all the stress kind of built up and then we're used to just being by ourselves. And then we get reintroduced, you know? Being feral again. And we go at each other. I can't figure out why that is, but and it's so it's not just in my mind an issue of certainly this violence and that's the That's the headline right kids shooting each other. That's going to be a headline, but overall, I just think the I I think there's a lot of tension and animosity just between all of us and why that is is beyond me. But you can just almost feel it out there and it surprises me because I thought it would be a little bit different coming out and say We're reopening. Everyone's happy. Can't wait to go have a good time. And now you go out and you know people are Essential a lot more ill tempered and Um, sure, as well as a lot more confrontational. Then we were maybe a year year and a half ago. You noticing that too, Or is it just me? Maybe just had a bad experience on the roadways yesterday. 513749 7800 Big one in the consular, e. T T. Uh I'm going to get a quick time out in one return to the show. Your calls also also problems in North Avondale. The Catholic Church wants to put in what they're calling a monastery. But it's not 7 to 10. Priests of a particular order of this mission that are causing residents to go. Not so fast because we have a fear of pedophilia. And what does that say, also about the state of the church in 2021. Where typically you'd welcome a group of priests to buy a house because you look Oh, well, a priest nice. It's gonna be good for the neighborhood and having these guys right? And now in 2021, though neighbors don't want the Catholic Church Living next to them. That's an interesting message, and there's more on that, too. We'll get to that right after a quick time out on 700 wlw.

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