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In urgent need of a call from a veterinarian officials are considering possible criminal charges then there's the flight attendant for a chinese airline who has pleaded guilty to trying to smuggle nearly two dozen spotted and box turtles out of los angeles the turtles were packed inside a carry on bag they could have been worth more than twenty grand in china the flight attendant now could be sentenced to five years a new proposed senate bill would let kids in california choose what they want off the kids menu unless it's a soda if the bill passes restaurants will only be offered to children water or ordinary milk because that means no chocolate milk is that ordinary milk senator joel anderson calls the bill government overreach and says even schools still offer kids chocolate milk everything to do with government is above law we don't force it in our own cafeterias we're always looking to force it on businesses in their prophets now senator bill monning says that this bill still let's kids parents order sodas for their kids if they want he says the legislations about fighting childhood obesity diabetes and woohoo another coffee study in and this one says german researchers are alleging that coffee is good for heart health and four or five cups a day might be ideal i'm gonna live to be a million the scientists say caffeine appears to make parts of adult cells act more young will bom there's the final piece of the puzzle for me that explains a lot and here is one that i just want you to check out.

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