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Out of sonya while the flyweight champion davis figueredo the challengers barbara victorian brandon marino nate diaz leon edwards will be there dana white. It should be fun but before that we have ourselves an interim title match up and let me just say the stakes are very high more on that later on but let us introduce the participants. I back on the show. He has been victorious here before and this man is absolutely everywhere. Let us alot once. Again to your friend and mine the greats james lynch james. How are you sir. Doing awesome mike. Thanks for having me happy to be back. Great to have you here. And now we introduce the reigning defending interim bt al champion looking to continue his reign of terror. Another win last week against jose. Young's mr jed michou may twenty eighth appearance on the show. How are you sir. I'm doing really well. You know why. Because i don't know if you saw the news there's some more fight circus news out you know we've been talking about the phone booths fight will. It's not phone booth multi. It's phone booth left way so imagine next weekend promo bom couldn't be more excited and while normally we would lead into this more but we are in a time. Crunch we're going get right into this thing. Let us begin with the groaning in the moaning this past sunday floyd mayweather return to the boxing ring for an exhibition. Boat with logan paul. And who would have thunk it and went the full eight rounds and people were not too happy about it. So james let us begin with you. I know. Boxing is in your cup of tea overall. Unless it's a massive massive fight but i'm sure you're at least somewhat paying attention to this craziness. So what was your reaction to this. Fight the attention it received cetera. I don't have an issue with the fight. A lot of people do a lot of people. Wanna say it's bad for boxing. It's bap combat sports to me. It's it's own thing at the end of the day. This is You know it's an exhibition fight. I almost want to call it a bit of a wrestling match in a way. Not in that it was scripted in that its own thing. I don't really consider it. A boxing fight like it would be say jake paul mooney which is actually an official professional boxing fight. Look floyd mayweather. He's there for the cash. Grab logan paul's there for the through the clout. They both got paid. I don't have an issue with it. It had nothing to do with anything going on an or boxing. So all this outcry. Avoid bad for the sport. I mean. good for them. If they're gonna make some money they're getting people interested. This is the two thousand twenty one version of celebrity boxing. I didn't have a problem with it. I didn't watch it live cut. The replay wasn't gonna spend my entire sunday evening. Dedicated this thing. But i did catch it. After the fact it was fine it was a sparring match. Good for them and also one last thing like no one watches leading whether fights apparently. Because everyone's like expecting some crazy early knockout or something. That's not floyd style. He's a defensive fighter. You gotta watch floyd mayweather fights before you start saying that. This was a boring fight. What did you expect. it's mayweather jed. You're all in eventually on jake. Paul ben aspirin. You seem to be all in on jake. Paul tyron woodley were you at all in on logan paul. Getting in there with floyd mayweather not in the slightest still haven't watched it so My opponent year. He's got the one up on me And when i say still haven't watched it. I that will be true forever. I'm never going back and watch his fight another issue with it like by james You make money in your not swindling or hurting people Far be it for me to tell you how to make money so good for them. They there was a lot of interest in this thing. We we talk about all the time on the show. mike This for whatever reason this damn thing passed the test. I got a lot of phone calls and text messages on sunday from people asking. Hey what what's the deal with. This fight wins it happening and honestly shocked the hell out of me. I know that both of them are big names but at least with the been aspirin thing that the been aspirin jake paul fight like that. There was some level of interest there because it was. It was a guy who'd never box before against a guy who balked like twice before the end actually fought anybody in combat. Sports like there was something there that i at least consumer value in There was nothing interesting to me about. Watching floyd mayweather whose objectively horrible human being Just fleas money out of people in boxing against the dude who had never box in lost to like the other guy. Logan paul is a youtube right and he lost so like this was just a huge waste. I never a never understood the appeal. But i guess that's why i'm not in the business because it obviously had some good for logan paul. He outweighed the dude by forty pounds and made it to the final bell by hugging him lot again. I don't actually know that that's what happened. But that is what the internet told me on twitter when it was going on so i assume that the internet doesn't lie because the internet never lies Good for them they They made some money and logan. Paul is probably going to get to box a lot of people now because he survived with the greatest boxer of this generation. Which dog shit. He's let's be super clear. Floyd mayweather juniors not the british boxer of all time for damn shirt. He's not even the best boxers generation so super good boxer not here to save trash but like the sober Given him are way too much into this whole thing was not my cup of tea. Jed would it have been better if floyd starched him. In five rounds like kind of carry them and then just put them away and five like would would this beginning this much attention if the fight went the way like it probably would have had been an actual professional fight. No chance if floyd had decided to open up with offense at any point like real offense and try and put them away. I assume he could have just because he's very talented boxing. Even though he is a defense i fighter. I mean Who who the hell's the duty cheap shot at At knocked insecurities. Yeah go victoria tease. Thank you You know he can crack when he needs to and he's fighting against a guy who's not as good drawer certainly so we probably could have gone finish. Avi like wanted to But based on my understanding from everything. I read after the fact that people talking about it. It seemed like floyd super. Didn't care about this one and that this was just a transparent money. Grab and you know good for him. I guess james the big narrative coming out of this is well. Logan politics when eight rounds of floyd mayweather and he's like the big winner like he should be. There should be standing on a podium and getting a gold medal and a shiny gold belt. And.

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