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Well, and that actually brings up another really weird and bad thing about this movie. Is that it kind of paints all of the members of Queen? Except for Freddie. Mercury. Is these like straight laced family, man? Like, there's there's a moment where like sad, Freddie. Mercury. Who is like, you know, not out publicly, but everybody in his life knows that he's gay. And he's he's like been like kind of there's this predatory manager who has kind of seduced him into this like hedonistic lifestyle, and Freddie is getting sad. And he looks around and his bandmates, and he's like, you all have wives and families. What do I have which is like, whoa. Yes civic. There's this weird homophobic, strain in it like it kinda it doesn't mean maybe to blame like him being gay for like his. Downfall and like getting aids. But it kind of seems like does like it very much associates like being gay with this this like, you know, partying lifestyle, and like, no other other members of the band are ever like doing drugs or cheating on their wives. But Freddie Mercury. Well, it's interesting because I feel like some of queen's music like we are the champions or we will rock, you whatever like that. That stuff that's been. So you know, a taking in welcome Li bye. Bye. Bye. Like straight men who want to sports jock jock rock kind of thing. And yet at root of it is this flamboyant queer man, who like, you know, and I so I think that there's been an effort over the years to sort of push that narrative out of queens music or some of it anyway, and it feels like that movie is then kind of carrying water for that mission. Which is a weird thing considering an albeit one with a very problematic personally from all we understand was directed by a gay, man. So for the most most of the production, you know, so he's just weird that like, I think that what you're alluding to Hillary's at feels like was his movie made in like nineteen Ninety-two, very retrograde. Yeah. There's this weird tension. I'm ended. Also, it also as I guess any like fact based movie would in order to create tension, in whatever I mean, it does it changes the facts a lot like most egregiously. I think it has Freddie Mercury realizing that like getting Diagne. Used with aids then like getting back together with the band that he has left because he wanted to have the solo career like kind of pushed by this predatory miniature guy, and then he gets cyanosis kind of sees the of his ways and goes back to his friends, and they like have this triumphant concert, but in real life. A Queen never broke up at least publicly he was not, Freddie Mercury. It was not the first person in the band to make a solo album or try to do a solo career. He was preceded by at least two other band members. And he wasn't diagnosed with aids until nineteen eighty-seven and Live Aid was in nineteen eighty-five. So like, it's really like kind of creating this narrative in order to like justify itself. When like there's a real story that would have been as interesting if not more interesting if they had actually done that. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it makes me curious. Here's what two things I is like will the Elton John movie suffered the same thing rocket man, which is like bizarrely like a may release and is directed by the guy who took over for humane rhapsody. Right. Yes. Right. Yeah. But Elton's alive, so he can be like, no this is. Worry about how great is. Over this. But my other question for you, Hillary is so I've heard similar things from other other people about the film, but a lot of those same people are saying, but Roman Melissa really good. So do you think he's good enough to kind of transcend, a pretty bad wrote bio-pic? I'm not really sure I think I think a lot of people like Romney Malik and want to not just completely turned the movie apart. I think that he does what he can. He is saddled with this ridiculous set of fake teeth that is it just very distracting and like affect the way that he speaks. He doesn't do his own singing most of the time they there I think that they claim that you can that his voice is like.

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