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I was he actually magical they like twitches knows and disappear xia rich guy who's just would be hooked up with them for the sport over them come out here cannot just say that y'all actually make him better what we see he no other get mad at us for spoiling father figure okay i'll give demand you let's get into this i'll get was okay i'll give it up the moves bullshit i was probably the most the both though the most wellintentioned solved bullshit that i've ever given we will feel sorry for this movie really they do do it's just the berries and has just said i just i'm giving it like a really really ahmad lob assault some more bullshit man abrupt feel really bad but everybody fly would you sink into it okay you want you spoiler i mean this real quick area when they pick care williams up he's he's a he's a hitchhiker rare and you could see in the trailer with it that they're trying to figure out whether he's a serial killer not he's been real cool to the whole thing no matter how much the grilling him and when they take into his destination which is i don't understand because he needs a ride to go to his his son's birthday party will win the drop them off is a night house and everything and nobody no woman comes out what up upa all you just don't walk up in iowa by the families all right and everything else it looks like our for all appearances it looks like that but.

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