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You. In content. I want to read just a little bit from the opening of early riser the first chapters, titled MRs Tiffen could play the booze Zouqi and the Basuki is a Greek instrument. It's like a long necked mandolin. Mrs Tiffen could play the booze Zouqi not well and only one tune help yourself by Tom Jones. She plucked the strings expertly, but without emotion while staring blankly out of the train window at the ice. And snow. She and I had not exchanged an intelligent word since we first met five hours before and the reason was readily explained MRs Tiffen was dead and had been for several years. It's going to be a mild winter said the gray haired woman sitting opposite, MRs Tiffany and me as the train pulled out of Cardiff central average, low of only minus forty my guess almost. Balmy. I replied, and we both laughed even though it wasn't funny. Not really not at all. After some thought. I concluded that the woman was most. Unlikely and actor part of the extensive winter thespian tradition audiences were small but highly appreciative summer players had to make do with the deluded respect of the many whilst winter players commanded the adoration of the few. That's because in winter. I think it's point. Oh one percent of the population is awake. They take care of all the rest of them while they're hibernating. That's a little bit from early riser like to close by catching up some of your comments. I love getting comments. You can send them to me at pod chronicles gmaiLcom John wrote land. Thank you for another. Great t Casey episode. I go way back with my enjoyment of classical music. I would agree that in general. I find instrumental classical music more approachable than classical music, featuring the voice, but there are exceptions in particular, the Christmas coral music of John Rutter and the Capella sounds of kontos, that's C A N T U S. I wanted to use this Email to suggest ways to come to a greater appreciation of class. Go music. His first suggestion is old school from the early days of television. Leonard Bernstein's young people's guide to classical music available through YouTube. They're broken into ninety five easily. Digestible clips over many public concerts Beethoven's Ninth symphony ode joy portion as done by a musical flash mob. George Gershwin's rhapsody in blue Edvard Grieg peer against sweet number one p Ducasse the sorcerer's apprentice, there's quite a list here of music that John and he helpfully includes the link so I think tomorrow morning before I head out. See my folks all put these in the show notes when I put the show up. So thanks for thanks to that, John. And then he he sent a separate addendum about canto. C says Cantos is a particular favorite of mine and their home is here in Minnesota this tiny desk concert is courtesy of NPR. I've watched those they have these great concerts at Kevin just a place where everybody's working NPR. And. And so that's a good place to listen to contest, I'm not familiar with them, but a link so that you can check it out. Bob Lee wrote Highland as always I totally enjoyed listening to your podcasts and have been on board since I bought my first kindle second generation. I usually listen to it while exercising, easy jogging and four times around my circuit fits nicely with the forty five minute length. In fact, you and your guests clear enunciation allows me to put my ipod on a faster one and a half speed for the days. I'm a bit lazy and only do of three times circuit for thirty minutes. I bet no one's ever told you that. Meanwhile, since you've been talking about Alexa, skills, I spotted this today. I'd never heard of echo buttons for gaming have you. I think I might get a set up besides gaming you can make it do other things such as becoming a remote control for your echo, my favorite in the above was the gal making her son's echo say it's time for dinner when she pressed her eco button. Thanks for all your coverage. I did get a couple of those. Echo buttons. And I tried playing some games, Darlene. Head no interest in it. So I didn't have anybody to play with my echo buttons with. But if I can find them I might see what they're capable of doing. Now, they're they're pretty cooler just he's of big buttons. When you tap them in association with what Alexis telling you, do it can be kind of fun. Well, I have not followed the advice that I received from Gary Burg who wrote Len I think you need to stop saying Alexa in your podcast. I know I listen sometimes with the bluetooth speaker, and my echoes go crazy when you demo something are talk about her several podcasts, I listened to to use made up names to avoid this problem. Madam may Allio show it cetera Justice suggestion. That's a good suggestion Kerry, and in in in my house, when I'm telling my parents what you know. Okay. So you're gonna say Alexa. I say so you say what time is it? But when I'm chattering away here in the podcast booth. It's hard to remember that. That's it for this week next week's guest will be Kelsey ski head of Amazon crossing kids. That's anew imprint from Amazon publishing that will translate into English. Compelling children's books from around the world. It's let's see I wanna be bed by eleven o'clock, which is only nine o'clock Denver time. And the other reason for recording tonight is that we still got work going on on the house of the garage and the kitchen, so they're probably going to be some pounding tomorrow morning, which wouldn't have been so good for recording. Tonight. Valentine's Day is a big night because when I get in to back from visiting my folks, it was the first time to back the tesla into the new garage, and there was a wall charger right there. And during the time that the car had been sitting in our neighbors driveway, very nice of them to do that for us. It went from three hundred and three miles a range down to just around a hundred and I hope I can get out west and back. I get back with plenty of miles to spare. But as we're talking it is snuggie into the new garage plugged into the wall charger and tomorrow start out with about two hundred eighty miles of range, and it was nice to this has been a long project with Zony. Hassles and all sorts of things, but we actually have a garage. That's usable. And when we had back to Denver after this trip. The tesla will be safely in the garage as the construction continues. Well, hope tomorrow's good day for my dad. His name is William s edge. Really? So if you wanna raise some prayers and thoughts to him head heading out toward Massachusetts that would be appreciated. He's a terrific patient. You know, he when these in the hospital in their Pocono, jabbing him and all the different stuff. He just goes onto the next thing in a way that doesn't add to the discomfort or the challenge of the situation. I can learn a lot from seeing how my dad goes through things in in the medical area, and he is resilient. So it's gonna be fun to celebrate ninety two years with them in a few days, and I hope that tomorrow when I head out there. It's gonna he's he's going to be well on the mend. This is Len edge early for the kindle chronicles in Cambridge Massachusetts. Really appreciate your taking the time to listen to my show every day. Bye.

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