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Example of. If you find yourself embracing everything or for that matter being upset about everything that the president is you're wasting your time most of the time because realistically the things are going to change and four days after he said what he wanted to have done. Well, he's changed that stance. And I'm not gonna read old tweet right now. But he ends a tweet with speed is very important to me, and everyone maybe that's what this is all about more than anything else as it relates to his tweets concerning the allegations against. Dr Ford, and again, I I there's there's not I I still. Disqualify him. Meaning judge cavenaugh just saying this marks it up in terms of what's a better picture for him in plays into a narrative that is worse for him. And be you know, it's almost like somebody's writing a play. And they keep key parts out knowing that they don't have to fill the blanking because sooner or later someone's gonna filled in for them. I'm just saying this as somebody who is analyzing it and all week looked at him as generally doing a really good job on this. And then I got a text from guy. This morning grew early. He was doing so good. Lots of calls, Sal Steubenville. Welcome to k- radio midday MLS cannon. I just. I saw one of the major news outlets. You would expound on this. If it's true. Someone that works. Is maintenance comment that all his law, quirks female law clerks look like models and this years ago remarked amount that that says something to me for small number two. I graduated from high school graduate college. But. In high school. I had a jock friends. I had friends in weren't. We we played. But ball together all. Women's rights. Of us. We didn't drink. We. Right. A passage. We went off to college and started drinking a beer keg party or something like that. But in high school weenie drink, and I graduated in seventy late seventy and so the fact about the high school there was so much drinking went on. And I have a female friend close reading she. Now, she got really bad diabetes and she had to. In high school weight later on. Twenty years later, I ran into her and talking and she told me that she had been in highschool anybody in our grass another high school imposed down now. She never ever told anyone, and she opened up to me and told me all this whole story. It was eerily similar so it can happen. Well, thanks a lot. I appreciate your point of view and bring up those points in to the ladder. I will tell you the trending now on Twitter, which wasn't twin trending yesterday is hashtag why I didn't report again, I can open up this entire show and say hashtag, why didn't you report? And if women had the courage and strength, and whatever will take to do that. I'd be overrun. Didn't have to die. We didn't have to have this. He didn't have to have this. And you know, what don't give me the displays into some core. This you know. I mean, don't do that. And if you want to I don't care if you do I'm just going to be very dismissive of it come on. I mean, you know, there comes a thing here where the gender and the lines and things of that sort are pretty important. If you tell me that this is all me to you're wrong. This is not about me to me to totally different situation than this. However, the metoo mission to the extent that there is one more fix type of thing. That's out there. We can't really get our arms around, but we know has generally been about men in power positions taking advantage of women who were not in power positions for sexual gratification. That's it not shale. That's one would look at it. Probably more accurate than not this isn't about teenage kids. However. The culture is changed. And you have to recognize that if you're in a position of power, or if you're the president, you have to know about the polling that says independence do not want this guy to to one in independence are going to be critical. You've gotta know more important than any of those designations what women are saying. And if you're dismissive of women in this whole voting process that might be that might be the kryptonite. Sean Toronto Ellis cannon KKK radio. Hey, love the hook up which you'd have a beer sometime. That'd be great. Thank you. I don't listen to left or right. I'm more libertarian than anything. And you're an attorney. So you understand law, and what people say isn't law is what they think. So I've been following Saxon. This whole thing. Right. Trying to make up a rational logical explanation. And this to me is absolutely. A stall tactic could be it could be. They've had this information session. Joe? Yeah. I brought that up and forgive me. I gotta run because I'm against break. I want to have to hold you know, I've I've said that this week. I mean, it's could be a stall tactic. It could be a misplayed by Dianne Feinstein. It could be that's not what this woman signed up for. Hey, look this happened to me. I see the papers. I see the name don't put my name on this. Keep it secret. But I'm telling you this happened. You may want to investigate and see if there is anything else they determined. There was nothing else in now we're going to start to play the game and effectively throw under the bus. So what I signed up for. Now, she says we're willing to testify maybe throw the theory out. But I would not be surprised if she started it with that idea. The timing is certainly. Not so much even from the woman, but from the political standpoint. Awkward. Scholar. Scott..

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