Larry King, Alexei Navalny, White House Correspondent discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


50,000 lives. There have been a number of notable deaths to report this day. Among them long time radio on TV interviewer on host Larry King. Retired CBS News. White House correspondent Peter Mayer worked with Larry King at the old Mutual radio network, where he talked to celebrities and callers through the night. Larry King was to say the least a character he prided himself in not preparing for interviews, not reading. The books of authors are looking into whatever it was that landed a guest on his show. There were Rarely, if any probing questions. It was a trademark chat with Larry, who saw himself as the schmoozer from Brooklyn who viewed his guests and collars is the real stars of his show. Larry King was 87 had been hospitalized for covert but had a long history of health issues before that, also singer Jimmie Rodgers, who crossed musical formats and styles With big hits in the fifties and sixties, has died. Also 87 with covert complications, and actor Gregory Sierra of 1972 TV comedies he was 83 oversees. Thousands took to the streets in cities across Russia. Protest ng The jailing of opposition leader Alexei Navalny in the city of Tom's Protesters chanted Freedom! And Putin is a thief! Thousands were arrested across the country, including Navalny's wife in Moscow correspondent Adriana Diaz. Mrs. Novotny was later released. We don't yet know who but somebody in Michigan did buy the winning ticket for that. Billion dollar lottery. Some thoughts near the story. I'm going to keep playing, and this will be my new spot. The odds seem pretty pretty good here. If you don't play you can win..

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