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But it was the only edited out the part with his, but and then, like the edit stops, and then it's just full on her breasts. Excellent first seconds, like you're in class. It's the greatest moment of your life. Yeah. And I didn't realize what they had blurred out until I went home. I rented it from blockbuster, and watched it just to see what we edited out. And that's when I know it's like it was just. Like a long shot of this dudes but, but like. Literally women give them a thrill. Adam get. Yeah. We, we watched nine hundred eighty four in class. We read it, and there was, there's a I mean there's a long nude scene. I mean, they're being interrogated. And the nude for. Scene. Yeah. No. And but the way that they edited it for class was that they just like a color, corrected, her nipples. So she just she was a fully naked woman, but instead of nipples, they were just the same color as the rest of her skin. Do wonder it was the future. It was the war. Whereas upsetting because everybody. Yeah. I've seen like that. Sam. Oh my first girlfriend, you have weird looking. What are these? Oh my God. So this show is this rash strength. I hate it. It's, it's who is going to watch seconds. Yeah. Joe it's the third season Jonas people watch it. Yeah. We have no idea. We are we sure that, that Netflix shows get more seasons? Because people like no, there's no right? It must I mean if they're secretive, but they're, they're not like aliens still operates like any network. I know watching it, it dies. I found myself feeling for data time as perfect zip. Right. Right. Yes. For the actresses in the show, who were like, you know, probably told it's gonna be like game of thrones. Yes, we're gonna get Sean bean. Episode paparazzi's and it's one of these nudity shows. It's going to grit screening traders because there was Sean bean was also, you know, he was in game of thrones famously and he was also in another head another tonight. There was another show. We covered. I don't watch it, but I get calling the Medici the management. He was in it. Well, it's Medici Bruce Turner. Correct. You on that. Medici anyway. So he's this is like the third one he was in anyway. A little more context on Arab. Don't watch issue Sean something run the opposite direction like in the fourth episode of game. Where you got head jumped off. Yeah. In the fourth episode of. The ten never watched. It can still have a conversation about it. What? That's conversation. Next. Susannah buried alive. Okay. This one hundred twenty five minutes after a pregnant woman is murdered or spirit seeks revenge against her increasingly terrified killers who are determined to finish her off for good. This is a cheesy low budget horror film, from Indonesia, come for the confusing title. Stay for the confusing, I like one hundred twenty five minutes, which is the running time. Right. But it sounded like after she's murdered because. This movie takes her ever. This is insane. Runtime for a movie over our long, how much did you watch? If anyone watched more than five minutes, I'm going to get I did. I did. I did. I saw. Her giving God damned out dollars. Someone needs to donate to your patriots. I watched because the only thing we knew about this was that she gets murdered. I was like, I will watch through the murder, even though as ready to drop it earlier than that. And so, I want it took half an hour to get.

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