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Something along those lines right the things that are important to you and Pre people you help that. That makes sense good so actually kind of go into that. There's a method that we created here copy identity and so in order to create the effective avatar. We call it the pd method. It's not like a public display of affection like there's no making out here so just bear with before the p. stands for personality. The dis answer demographics and the ace ends for aspirations. So you actually break that down into three different chunks to kind of figure out who you're selling to some going to kind of if it's okay with you brian. I'm gonna talk about each step and then you can ask me questions throughout if that's all right go forward yoga so p so let's are with that the The personality how many. I don't know if this has happened to you. Brian or not. But i feel like most of us can relate to the scenario where you are working at a place where we that was your very first place of employment. If you've been an entrepreneur your entire life in your young we're talking about being sixteen and working at pizza hut or something But regardless.

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