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Put together. They grew him in a lab in guam. That is my that is my entire theory. Jeff all of these fucking names. You just keep saying and i'm like oh now there's a chance they could be on a w. could see them with new japan money. You don't remember in japan money. God damn they deserve it. I wish i had that money. No i do. Remember one. Cobb was on. Aws sangala camera was it. It wasn't circle. Was it yellen him. Adamant is a mercenary to try and take a moxley bats right. That's right well now that we're out of the new japan corner. Here's my news of the week that matters space jam the new bachelor whatever pictures of come out and lola bunny can still get it anyways. Patriot dot com slash. Load of bs. The website where you can support the bullshit that we do on this show and get access to exclusive play. Please stop looking up lola. bunny please. And we're just gonna go down here you open this can of worms. Yeah i can see that. Yeah so Patron to just tear levels two dollars. Five dollars ten dollars. Donate whatever you want ladies gentlemen it would support the show and it would mean the world to get access to exclusive content like wrestling history x. Where we talk about random moments through wrestling that we love more than anything in the world blake scout one coming up that i've told him about approximately five hundred times have yet to hear any news on it so blake right now live for the audience. What's your wrestling history x. going to be about. Oh already told you a couple of weeks ago. It's going to be on a jon. Moxley retrospective just in general. I'm just gonna fucking go. I mean you're gonna have to give some of that new japan money though because he was there for like six months. I'll find a way lewis it. I just i wanted. I want to show the man's journey from gore to glory. Jesus christ play so you have fun. You'd have fun editing. That six part wrestling history x. Guy jesus christ. Well how much do i have to donate to be able to get back..

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