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It just can't carry on with the podcast. I heard characters that right. oh yea q. The ferry actually she would make more sense assist drafi. I feel explain why she would make more sense as assistant the gym. No that already main me like put me on the spot with catala show joe before i'm not gonna go into it with tiny pop. I don't even know what the fuck you're talking about. You could be sneezing for all. I know what's what's could tell it so far beyond having a stroke that's right to your podcast podcast man. Oh my god this guy this motherfucker but anyway tim. We're happy to have you. I guess we should talk about you so tim. How actually how was your week. So you got the switch. What else is going on in your life. So we got a basic boring non fund. Podcasts off is go to the gym law. My been doing real well my job. I have been playing What i was doing for house playing ghost of tsushima played that but yes yes. I just be a so. I'm beaten again. My roommate he got to the final flight with the is coating connor. Is that the name of the guy from lecomba. That's that's more combat. Thank your coca. Coca-cola other way you know the big island the fuzzy hat he got like right to the edge. Ray stops because he's masochistic plays hard difficulties. I don't do that. I'm a dedicated. Easy man because i challenged. I play games. We outnumber you. Kenny outnumber. Because i could beat you in the game so it doesn't matter if you also have fun either way so that means nothing at home play a fighting game with. Kenny is objectively not flung. At least one thing that i've ever done an entire life plow moral time. That was that hard for you I'm at one time. I played that north or strikers. Game comfortable you just kept beating me and i was gonna go pissed off into longer. How do you remember that kenny us. I was having fun because i was winning. Maybe winning every now and again. So maybe poor poor people should try not being poor paracel. True lawyer spoken like kenny. How was your week. we'll tim. Attempt your subscription is really good and it surprised me because looking at it. It doesn't look to me very fun. Just to explain the game mechanics teammate. It seems like every other assassins Sandbox assassinate s game But really the the combat great but really it's a it's the co paint. I think it's just a setting in the little things. The game does aggregate very enjoyable. I don't think i've ever been bored. planning it's just. It's just a fun guy. So i agree stories. Yeah the stories fantastic I'm not a big so the game. Plays fun once you get used to it at first for me. It was a bit weird not having like a system. It kind of like an arkham ask kind of fighting style But just it felt weird with the camera. I was fighting the camera lot. No lock on like that was Kind of annoying. But then you get further in the game you get used to it and you feel like a fucking god by the end of the game when you really master. All the different stances and all the different abilities items. I'm using everything..

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