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On 4 41, now for activist groups are pressuring the NFL on this day before the Super Bowl. They want the league to release the findings of an investigation of sexual harassment claims against the Washington football team in its owner Dan Snyder futures without violence, the National Women's Law Center and Time's up Foundation say the investigation from the Wilkinson Stoeckl off law firm is nearly complete. In a letter to the commissioner ahead of the Super Bowl, they write, in addition to being a necessary step forward for the brave workers who have come forward. Public accountability will show other workers in the NFL and beyond that they're not alone in the fight against workplace harassment and that they do not have to endure abuse to earn a paycheck. The commissioner has not commented publicly on the letter. Meghan Cloherty w T. O P. News with the slow and steady expansion of legalized gambling throughout the country, Maura Americans than ever will be betting legally on tomorrow's big game. Mobile betting Now Legal in D. C. Virginia and several other states. It's estimated more than seven million Americans will play some sort of legal Super Bowl related wager through their phones. Sarah slain a gaming consulted two runs slain advisory says We'll also see record amounts of money bet above board It's that accessibility that we see number one number two. Now our new innovative ways than to bet the implant proposition betting will be something else that would be really curious to see how much volume is generated. From that You can use your phone to bet on outcomes as the game is being played. John Doman w T o P News. 4 42. Now, if you need an extra excuse to stay home to watch the Super Bowl tomorrow, keep in mind that the region could get another round of snow. National Weather Service meteorologist Kevin Witt have a winter storm warning. That's in effect some 3 a.m. to noon on Sunday. And as I Snow picks up in intensity there in the morning, we could see total accumulations of 3 to 6 inches altogether during the course of the story, And, of course, stay with us for traffic and weather updates all weekend long on the eight here on W T o P. The pandemic didn't keep people from enjoying the outdoors Last year, almost 22 million people visited Maryland State parks last year. That's a 45% increase compared to the year before. The Maryland Department of Natural Resource is says it's a record setting number even when considering the many temporary closures of cabins and campgrounds. The department secretary says the parks are an invaluable refuge for citizens and visitors during these difficult times. Officials also say detailed safety plans have remained in place to keep staff in Park visitors SAFE. Melissa how w. T O P. NIS, The National Park Service says visitors to national parks have to wear masks, and that includes in many of the well known heavily trafficked sites in the district. You may need to wear a mask from now on when you visit the National Mall. The new measure includes many other sites like the Lincoln Memorial, The New Dwight Eisenhower Memorial and Arlington Memorial Bridge, in a statement from the National Park Service, Mass will be required when visitors are unable to physically distance him when they are in any national park buildings. So if you are out and about on the mall, and no one is around, you may not have to wear that mask. This comes after President Biden's executive order requiring masks on all federal lands. Look, look. Er w t o p news fortune. Next on w t o P 4 44 Hi, I'm Christiane I'm one of the sports anchors here at w t o p. You can catch me on air tomorrow night previewing The Sunday showdown in Tampa between.

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