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Health. Good morning, ten 28. Traffic and weather on the 8s, let's go to Rita and the WTO traffic center. We'll watch for the delay on the outer loop of the beltway coming from the merge with the two 70 spur headed across the American legion bridge to Georgetown pike. The left lane was blocked with the work in the delay at the legion bridge, the left lane was crowded with a crash response is on the scene. It is the outer loop local lanes before the Wilson bridge a wreck reported along the right side. The inner loop in Virginia is slow approaching and passing two 36 in annandale than from 50 toward 66 outer loops loads towards 66 as well. Watch for the work along the right side. It is southbound 28 after westfield's boulevard a single lane should be getting by that work, watch for the delays, 95 in Virginia, southbound still a little heavy after 6 ten headed past the center port Parkway, all the activity they're gone. North bounce those from the centerport Parkway to courthouse road, then it looks good into Springfield on to three 95 to and across the 14th street bridge. Now on Georgetown pike between springville and walker, traffic was alternating for the work zone, also gum spring road near Cedar ridge boulevard you were under police direction. For the crash. In Maryland it is westbound I 70 after one 44, a report of a wreck, the southbound Baltimore Washington Parkway, the crash was reported to be on the ramp to inbound 50 in New York avenue at the end of the ramp, so watch for the activity there use caution getting around it. Cut your energy bills by up to 30% this winter call window nation today. Buy two windows and get two with no interest payments until 2025. Call 8 6 6 90 nation. I'm Rita Kessler, WTO traffic. The latest word on our weather from chuck bell. Sunshine and a south wind for the rest of your Monday. It's not going to be a warm

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