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That made a massive difference. Cousteau enjoyed the turbo in the the extra power with problem. But again because that car was so bad. It was it was it was almost must and he lost a lot of the enjoyment. Just because the car was bad. But the engine was great. And then. Obviously the thing was center. I think somebody said to me you might be new. She lost night. My biggest regret. My biggest regret was not being teammate to center because I you know, I still had so much confidence in myself. No is still at the the strength in terms of age, the the right time why career and I'd like to put myself against Assen, you know, because he's most people's Fulmer one old-time time best drivers, and whether or not it'll beat new and much you to beat me by on. And I want to know whether I was any good, and I never did. Because always with good drivers. But not great drivers, you know, pack to Tom very good driver. Bruno Jack, many Eddie Cheever betrays e Donnelly in some good drivers. But not great drivers. So I I will never know really how good I was. And this would have been for eighty six. So the end of the second year the chance for Lotus. Join senator. And that's what he that's what he blocked his next LA could run to number one calls these that was the the all the time. What he said to me later on was he definitely didn't think Lotus could dry out could run to number one. 'cause he was right. He wanted the spare car and my contract said I had we alternate the spare car, and he didn't want that. And he didn't want me in the team because he knew how strong character was in a British team. No matter how good he was. I would have taken some of that gloss away from ads, and and he didn't wanna give up any of that. And the also knew the live in coin quick. So I think all those factors. He put loads of pressure on the sponsors to go back to Lotus and Tara mccown try because although I'd signed it, and we agreed everything they hadn't signed it. And then when I got called to to Norfolk in the end of AT five. Just total contract. I'm in front of me. Do you think he had more knowledge about you? Because of the heat Tolman off to you left. You defectively replaced? You neil. He perhaps would have seen what you built there and how the data and they will carry on saying you have good. I was in the team, and you know, not saying that I was better than him. But they would have he would know more about me and my performance than the most drivers. But anyway, that that's history as I say, do you think in an alternate universe where you will ever in that car that had been a chance to show what you could do ratings of Dumfries soft time alongside center, and he was a good driver certainly better than he was able to show in not seasonal. I was a stronger driver than Johnny just because I would have been able to of Galt more demand from the team he came in. There is absolute number two. He was lucky to get the drive. So he was satisfied with every go. He probably was shot by how could have was and never recovered. I'd like to think that I would come in as equal him which will on the back foot, which is give me a bit of a dry Ford. I don't know. Judging myself against one of the greatest drivers ever. So, you know, people listening to this podcast will probably think than I have can you ever think that you is as good as Anson? Well, we racin drives all think we're pretty good. You know, you know, that's guess is in in the car. That's what gets us up in the morning to go training. That's well, you know, some of us just just think we I don't think it was the greatest thing. I was a good driver in light the opportunity to say just how good hours and even better priced as well because Dumfries often offers reading about this recently for another reason, but he was given almost no tracks on what so ever..

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