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The nba stars kevin durant and lebron james criticized the president and a video it's a show on espn and they're in a car lebron james's in the passenger side and kevin durant is in the rear end the host of the show was driving the car and both of them just he off on president trump we played a little bit of this yesterday we'll do it again warrior said if we had an invite we're not going to the white house levine called the president about the freighter how did you describe the climate for an half with the platform nowadays that want to talk about what's happening world water now let's just paws right here she said that lebron james call president trump a bomb to which president to which saw lebron james replied straight up until he's doubling down on referring to the president as a bunk now stay with me here these are called hypotheticals i i only say that because when i tweeted that somebody role bakken said larry really good at making a fax all hypothetical hypothetically steve nash canadian nba player happens to be white and as a resident of canada he feels hypothetically that the canadian healthcare system is a really bad idea and he hypothetically quotes the founder of the canadian healthcare system whose name i always butcher claude gaffed him gwee who in his ninety still alive now regrets the fact that he not inject more competition because it was illegal for a private doctor to practice for many many years and canada he now says he was wrong the incoming that then incoming head of the canadian medical association said our healthcare system is quote imploding close quote okay so you have a basketball player named steve nasty from canada who've quoting all these people and feel it is a really bad idea for americans to adopt universal health coverage that's why he wanted to play in america that's why he didn't want to play in canada that's why he moved his family here yatta blatter again steve act by the way the lefty so if you just now joining me i'm not saying at all this happened he the lefty but i'm just saying hypothetically a white player in the nba from canada aware of the canadian healthcare system field it's a bad idea for america the land of the.

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