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It was just really spooking disturbing just her hallucinations and everything she's experiencing an outlier I wouldn't have because that's not really a horror movie though. It kind of is. I'm surprised that, that, that's where somebody would go. But it sounds like arnovitz agrees. No. I mean, there's like can we there's a sub-genre of scary, which is disturbing? And like that, that, that is a I mean that movie just you leave. You leave the theater beaten up, like by just the it gets in your brain. I got a good one, Ben Stiller in heavyweights when he cancels lunch lunch has been cancelled due to a lack of hustle. Zack you're on ESPN radio with Kevin arnovitz. What's the scariest movie scene? You got on your. Billy. Why would you salute him for that? I'm trying to move away from it as fast as I can, and you're saluting him for being terrible. No is good. And, and it beat my I was going to say when bombies mom got shot. So Zack, you're on ESPN radio. What do you got? I would say the scene in song, whether you wake up in the bathroom, and they're chained to the wall, only because I've had enough to Keila to be like, yeah. That, that could probably happen to me. Art of it. You know, I've never done saw, I've never done the saw series. I am. I am bereft. Can I ask them about basketball? Can we do that or no? Josh, you're on ESPN radio with Kevin arnovitz. Go ahead. Josh? Too scary. Things have really changed my life. The first is in the ring when they open the closet at the beginning, and the girls held head kinda tilts over to the side, and the other is the part in the descent when the cast is in the cave and this light is unsuspectingly waving back and forth, and I definitely pulled my hamstring when the monster appears in the life on the girl. You, you have any comments on those two arnovitz. Have you seen those I have not? Okay. I've not done. The other one is in. There's some like a really scary one for me. But there's just too much levity in the movie for it to be truly trees like American werewolf in London. When like David Naughton I turned into the where we'll is really scary. And again I come on where is going to go on. Do you have any idea of any comments on that? Whereas gonna go because we get to some basketball. Where's the why going on of its Rudy? You're on ESPN radio with Kevin arnovitz who didn't ask for this. And it doesn't appear to be much of a expert when it comes to scary movie, scenes, but still, we press on Rudy you're on ESPN radio. Go ahead. Right. The exorcist when the girl spins her head and then you find out halfway. My parents told me when I was having a sleepover that it actually happened in our hometown, this actually happened in Saint Louis. And it even scares you even more like, oh my gosh. This is true. This actually happened. I couldn't believe it and I was so scared, especially that the girl spinning her head and well that didn't have that didn't really happen, though. You want to know what's scary? The Knicks just signing DeMarcus cousins. That's what's scary. Brian, you're on ESPN radio with Kevin arnovitz. Go ahead, Brian. Yeah. It seems like Kevin never saw the ring. But there's another thing where Naomi watches trying to bet a horse on a ferry. And if the horse freaks out runs around jumps off the front of the ferry. Everybody runs to the back. Terrified? The ring. Sounds like it's pretty good. Joe you're on Kevin. Durant is never won. Not joe. You're on ESPN radio with Kevin arnovitz, who didn't ask for any of this. Go ahead, Joe. Granted I was like six at the time, but when move pasta dies, fuller alerts the lion. King terrified well to be, how scared were you guys in the recent? Stephen King remake in it when the kid was just standing outside of the sewer, where the clown was hiding, oh, that was that was a pretty good movie too. Well done. I'm usually not a fan of kids solving grownup problems. But it did it right..

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